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create outstanding, attractive products





We develop products using the very latest findings and

methods from the life sciences and biotechnology.

Our R&D process is unique in that we avoid “common

sense” pitfalls and focus on originality and identity.

Our products go through strict quality control

management for our customers’ safety and peace of mind.


value business





Because we care about traditional culture and customs,

we contribute to society by looking after the health of

individuals, families, and the population at large.

We hold forums and lectures on preventive medicine

in which we talk about how the latest findings from

genomic medicine are showing that the same principles

underlie medical treatment and the food we eat, as well

as the results of studies, disease symptoms, and diseases



dependable company





Ever since Herba was founded and started offering

products for sale, we have proved ourselves in a number

of fields, from preventive medicine, to healthy

development in children, improving disease symptoms,

addressing root causes of disease, and anti-aging

treatments. Having achieved results in all these fields,

we are loved by parents, children, grandchildren and

onto fourth and fifth generations of users of our


Herba conducts research into the theory and practice

of genomic medicine through the Herba Preventative

Medicine Research Group, and publishes its findings at

meetings of the International Medical Society and


Company Information

HERBA corporation
Foundation September, 9, 1987
Capital 100 million yen (Updated on Jun, 2009)
Corporate President Hideharu Tomita
Address 2-5-10 ICHIGO building Kichijoji Hon-cho Musashino-city Tokyo 180-0004
URL https://www.herba.co.jp/english/
TEL 0422-20-9580
FAX 0422-20-6801
E-mail info_overseas.div@herba.co.jp
Content ■Planning, inventing, producing, and selling of nutritional and functional programmed foods and skin care and hair care products based on preventive medicine
■「Holding Preventive Medical Forum and Beauty Forum Health counselling





herba preventive medicine forum