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Loved by the whole familiy, from  the kids  to grandparents.

yukari saeki_photo_voice

<Postpartum recovery>

I was in labor in the morning and when I checked my weight in the evening, it had bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

Yukari Saeki (Osaka; around 20 years old)

With HERBA even my anemia improved!

At my parents’ suggestion, I took HERBA and every day I felt like my body was undergoing so many changes. During my first pregnancy, at the hospital I was detected with anemia and, by taking HERBA properly instead of iron, at the checkup the following month, my blood condition was improved. When I felt sick or had a cold, I just needed to increase my HERBA portion to feel better without going to the hospital.


When I was suffering from morning sickness, I took two capsules of ALCO-BIO together.

I think it is because I was taking HERBA even when I was suffering from morning sickness that I did not experience any discomforts as other expecting women did. Also, while many around me were having problems with sudden weight gain in relation to the target weight set up by the midwives, I did not gain any significantly, though, I was feeding my baby to be grown up healthily. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


The effects of nutrition were visible even in the placenta!

After I gave birth to a baby girl, the midwife told me that both the placenta and the fetal membrane looked very nice. All my family was surprised that the effects could be seen that much.


I left the hospital in narrow-fit jeans♪♪

The afternoon after I gave birth I checked my weight and that was a surprise! It had already bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I really think HERBA had something to do with it. Even the scar healed very quickly probably for the effects of SKIN-BIO. No sign of stretch marks and the skin texture around the belly felt very refreshed. Although my friends were wearing maternity clothes after giving birth, I left the hospital in narrow-fit jeans. From now on, too, I want to know more about the changes that happen to my own body and about child’s growth.


asako kajiwara_photo_voice


I had my long-waited baby despite I was infertile!


Asako Kajiwara (Fukuoka; around 40 years old)


In my 30’s I developed rheumatism (a type of collagen disease) and had a hard time because I could not conceive when I went to an orthopedic clinic and was introduced to HERBA. After listening to several people’s experiences and talking about its nutritional properties, I started to take it. With X-3 (Multi-vitamin & Minerals) the joints area turned red, which I assumed it was a healing crisis. Both my husband and sister did not experience such a reaction, so they were I was surprised as it clearly was not something that happened to everyone. Although I had initially been treated for infertility, once I started to take HERBA four times a day… I finally had my long-waited baby! I continued to take HERBA properly even during the pregnancy, and thankfully I was able to deliver a very healthy baby. The rheumatism, too, instead of progressing actually improved. Furthermore, I didn’t need medications for menstrual cramps and headaches anymore. Up to now, I tried to take the nutrition I needed from food but it is actually quite challenging to take enough. This is why HERBA nutrition is convenient. From now on, too, I want to keep up with and improve my physical condition with HERBA!


*healing crisis: reaction of the body in order to improve.


kiyonari hukui_photo_voice


HERBA cured my sever atopic dermatitis!


Kiyonari Fukui (Tokyo; around 20 years old)


I felt medications would never work! I experienced first hand the dangers of steroids!

I suffered from atopic dermatitis since I was an elementary student. I went to hospital every time it appeared and treated it with steroid hormones. With steroids my skin temporary cleared up so, thinking they could fix the problem, I continued like this for half year. Although the dermatitis cleared up when I used them, it eventually spread and deteriorated, and I realized that it was no solution.


Cared for by my mother, too, I somehow improved with HERBA!

It might have been because of the stress at work, the fact is that for a period of time it spread all over my body and, every time I walked, pieces of skin fell off to such an extent that I was bleeding. I temporary went back to my hometown and started a different job right away. Then, at my mother’s suggestion, I started to take HERBA on a regular basis three times a day. Maybe it was because of the steroids treatment but the healing crisis was pretty bad. However, seeing my mother’s effort for me I was able to keep on going. I am very grateful for all the love and attention she had for me.


I don’t want to ever go through that again! HERBA every day!

The healing crisis continued for half year but now my skin is very clean and I am very surprised myself, too. No doubt I want to ever go through that awful experience, so I am still keeping up with my routine taking HERBA every day. Also, I do like sake but if I drink it skipping HERBA first I know my liver will be overloaded. This is why I made it my habit having sake after duly taking HERBA.


-His mother told us his story-

It was my eldest son’s asthma who brought us to HERBA. The situation was so bad that I was repeatedly called from school. At first, no matter how many good things I had heard about HERBA, I was worried to have my kids only taking it. So I asked for advice in the forum and decided to take it together with him and would stop it right away in case something was wrong. However, once started the asthma healed completely. Also, when I felt sick with high fever for the flu, although I took HERBA together with my meals, I observed that there was no trace at all of X-1 in the food I threw up, which was proof that it was a natural product indeed. It is because of many experiences such this, that it could treat my younger son (Kiyonari)’s severe dermatitis. Maybe because he had experienced first hand the dangers of steroids, he trusted HERBA and took it as I suggested him being able to heal. I am truly glad about it.


hirokazu tuneoka_photo_voice


The allergic dermatitis came from nowhere but it was gone in three months!

Hirokazu Tsuneoka (Hyogo; 20 years)


One day I developed eczema out of the blue…

One day, out of the blue, I developed eczema on my hands. At the beginning I let it be as it did not bother me but after two weeks my whole body was itching and it nastily spread from my head, limbs and neck to all over my body. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was really shocked because I looked monstrous. Without any hesitation I went to see a doctor right away who simply handed me some medications which rather than improving the symptoms made them gradually worse. Since the eczema occurred, I had been continuously suffering from diarrhea every time I ate. My body felt so woozy all the day long and itchy which made it impossible for me to work, my face looked like someone else’s and I was forced to take days off from work thinking I would eventually need to leave it.


I followed my mother’s advice…

HERBA was suggested to me by my mother who was concerned with my stress level and dining-out habit from before. Being still young and in good shape I didn’t really pay any attention to it but since I was experiencing such awful symptoms for the allergic dermatitis, I started to take it as my cry for mercy. As soon as I started there was some kind of discharge and in one month my severe eczema started to fade away. That woozy feeling gradually disappeared and in three months, incredibly, the allergic dermatitis was gone.


I experienced the importance of nutrition…

Looking back at what happened I acknowledged it was caused by stress and nutritional deficiency. Since then I have been taking HERBA properly and each day is fulfilling and fresh in health. I am grateful toward my mother and the company that provided me with counseling service. Because I experienced on my body the importance of nutrition, as well as the dangers of stress, as I have the chance I participate to HERBA Preventive Medicine forums and from now I want to focus on health care.




The asthma disappeared!


Kazu (7 years old) and Yasu Nakashima (4 years old)

-Their grandmother told us the story-

Both my grandchildren like HERBA very much and thanks to it are growing up healthy. They are keeping up with HERBA by taking it by themselves. Because of it, although they were born small, their body became strong and they became tall. I am so grateful they stopped suffering from childhood asthma. Your body stays strong when you take the right nutrition, this is why even if they catch on of those diseases common at school or kindergarten, as soon as they take HERBA, they feel better right away.


tateyama katsuko_photo_voice


I successfully lost 10 kg in 2 months!


Katsuko Tateyama (Aomori; around 40 years old)


I met HERBA and as I felt better I found back my appetite…

My weight was stable at 52 kg since I was young but then in my mid 40’s I started to gain some little by little each year when I found myself weighting 64 kg. My tummy was sticking out and I had a double chin. People around made comments such as that I put on weight and that I should get on a diet, or that I was eating too much. However, I became defiant saying that I was an old lady after all and I indeed completely became a comfortable old lady.


Determined to say good bye to this old lady, I lost weight super fast!

With words I was saying something but my guts were really feeling the opposite wishing not to become this old lady, and lose weight so that my life would change. For a woman wearing nice clothes is a great confidence and happiness booster. Then I took a big decision.


The diet was a success!

It hit me and I was firmly resolved to grow out of that old lady right away. I started by setting up my goals as 5 kg in one month and 10 kg in two months. After a month I could see my body was getting thinner, which put me in a positive mood, and strangely I didn’t feel like eating, reaching my goal of losing 10 kg in two months. Now, without any effort my weight is stable at 52-53 kg. With HERBA nutrition I could lose weight nicely, and my skin became nicer. My encounter with HERBA represents the happiest moment in my life.


yoichi tanaka_photo_voice


I am on the road to recovery from many conditions like arrhythmia and slipped disk!

Yoichi Tanaka (Hyogo; around 30 years old)


Two years ago during summer I was told I would need a pacemaker in the near future…

While I was working, I suddenly experienced a pricking sensation in my chest, so I went to the hospital to be examined and was told it was bradycardia. The result of the 24-hour Holter monitoring indicated I would need a pacemaker in the near future. It came as a shock to me. Two months later a friend I met at a class reunion talked to me about HERBA and, once I started to take it twice a day, I felt I was getting less tired and thought I should try to keep taking it properly. I had a family history of heart disease; however, from that moment till now the chest pain diagnosed as bradycardia disappeared, as did all the heart conditions, and I went back to feel fine.


For a slipped disk caused by my job which involved heavy lifting tasks…

Also, from the beginning my job involved heavy lifting tasks on a daily basis and my backache became chronic. One day I woke up and my left leg was numb paralyzed below the knee and walking became hard. The doctor said it was a slipped disk and there was nothing to do but exercise abdominal and back muscles. I got painkillers and was contradictorily told that rest was the best option. Since I couldn’t get the job done, I underwent acupuncture but the pain further increased so I stopped immediately. Then, I increased the HERBA portion up to 4 times a day, increased my consumption of ZINGY-EX, stopped medications and any other treatment, and decided to wait and see the situation In the forum I heard that it would be a question of 3-4 months for the physical condition to improve. In 3 months the numbness was really gone and I recovered so well I could run while before my legs were shuffling. Now, my muscles mass has increased and it makes me so happy that I don’t get tired that easily anymore! Through several experiences, all HERBA products earned my trust. I will keep taking it for sure.


tatsuko takagi_photo_voice


I started to take HERBA and in 7 months… I was young again like a completely different person from myself of two years ago.

Tatsuko Takagi (Aichi; around 50 years old)

A clear difference between “supplement” and “nutrition”…

Before meeting HERBA, I took supplements by a different company for over 10 years. This is because I had no idea there was a fully-nutritional product as HERBA until then. Since there was something not convincing about those supplements, when I was introduced to HERBA, I started to take it without any particular thoughts. I am a very sensitive person toward my body condition so I felt a change right away. On the 3rd day I thanked dearly the person who introduced me to HERBA saying I understood through my body that it was good. With the supplements by the other company, although I was taking them seriously, when I injured myself while skiing, for the following year and a half my legs felt unstable and ached, I felt tired easily and could only afford sneakers and fancy outfit was out of question. In the second week after I started to take HERBA, I realized my legs were no shaky anymore, and three months later during this summer, I could wear pumps that I packed away as I felt they were no longer for me. More expensive health food is not always better one. What I needed was HERBA programmed with its essential nutrients and then I was satisfied.


I was young again like a completely different person from myself of two years before!

Looking at myself in a picture taken during a trip two years ago, my skin looked wrinkled and dried…I looked so old I wanted to tear and throw it away, but then comparing it with a picture of myself I took the other day, OMG! I shouldn’t say it myself but the difference was so striking I felt like saying, with that skin texture and firmness, I looked like a different person, maybe my sister? When I was young, I could get rid of the sense of fatigue from my face but before starting HERBA I completely forgot about it. Now, even if I am not young, I take HERBA and wake up in great shape. Recently, I have promoting HERBA by taking with me these two pictures♪ I also noticed in the picture that while my upper arm skin was saggy like the one of an old lady, now it is firm and feels tight.


The autonomic ataxia that was affecting from before…

With the autonomic ataxia I had a constitution that made me hardly sweat. However, when once I caught a cold, I took HERBA and I slept profoundly for six hours during which I sweated like never before in my life. When I woke up I felt fine, as if I was young again. I experienced first hand on my entire body the great and rejuvenation effects of “nutrition” and I am very happy I could come across such a really good product.


ryoko nakamura_photo_voice

<Boosting concentration>

I improved my concentration and could pass the junior high school’s exam!

Ryoko Nakamura (Tokyo; 12 years old)


-Ryoko’s words-

I was taking private lessons in English and Korean and was studying for the junior high school’s examination from late hours. Before there were times when my head wandered but since I started to take BRABIO, I could catch things naturally and read books at night without getting sleepy. I do think I should thank BRABIO and X-1 for my improved concentration. Also, before my eyelids always felt very heavy. It was hard to read the writing on the blackboard and at times studying was tough. However, just 2-3 days after I started to take BRABIO, I was able to read the blackboard clearly. It’s great that both the eye-fatigue and my concentration improved. Study was hard but I am very happy I could pass the exam with flying colors.


-Ryoko’s mother’s words-

She started to study for the exam since December last year. Because she was not a very bright student from the beginning, it was a rather challenging thing for her to prepare for the examination while catching up with the things she did not study up to then in three months. She was so mortified she cried every day not being able to proceed with her study and with the things she needed to catch up with. Once she even run away. Nevertheless, she restored her spirit and never let up her strong will saying she would go to her elder sister’s high school. Since she started to take HERBA, her studying gradually proceeded, her ability, too improved beyond recognition, and she became mentally stronger, being able to get back on her feet even when feeling bruised. I really think HERBA nutrition is amazing, providing her with the support she needed to grow mentally and physically over these all 4 years. In particular, continuing with BRABIO her concentration improved quite obviously, and her sight was also recovered, experiencing a good collaboration between brain and eyes. We were really impressed at such effects. I believe HERBA provides essential nutrition when it comes to children’s growth.



<Mental strength and vitality>

I think it really does help with motivation and understanding!

Sora (9 years old) and Honoka Mogami (5 years old),

Tokyo -Their mother told us the story-

I think memory and understanding improved!

I think, as he grows, Sora is now very capable to memorize, as well as researching things he is interested in by himself. He reads many picture books and remembers the names, has developed an interest in science experiments, and experiments other things from those he learns at school by himself at home. He also grew interested in history, and reading comic books and weekly magazines, has started to talk about events and people I don’t know.


With the improving of his creativity, he could perform mental calculation!

Also, somewhere along the way he learnt to perform mental calculation. When I asked the teacher how he could do that I was surprised by being told that in his head he was probably calculating while combining units as blocks. Furthermore, he developed understanding and capability to properly address questions, and on a psychological level, too, I was told that compared to other children of his age he was very mature.


Her high school’s teachers started to praise her!

Teachers praise Honoka saying that she can clearly express why she is reasoning in a certain way. I may look silly talking like this but I think that maybe I was right when I took HERBA during my pregnancy or when I made her take it when she was a baby. I recommend it to all parents!