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haruo tanahashi_photo_voice


All the 5000 growths from the familial polypoid gastric cancer disappeared!

Haruo Tanahashi (Gifu; in his 60s)


First the familial polypoid gastric cancer, then the discovery of 9,000 polypoid growths in the large intestine…

Eleven years ago several polyps were found in my stomach, and to be on the safe side I had other organs also checked. To my astonishment other 9000 growths were found in my large intestine. Moreover, there were also malignant polyps whose shape looked like a troop of mushrooms, and as the doctor said that it was easy for this type to spread, I underwent a large bowel resection.


The doctor told me that in ten years’ time I would probably need a total resection of my stomach.

After the surgery, I was hospitalized for a month for the recovery; however, the only treatment consisted of appetite stimulants and digestion accelerators, and the doctor said that in 10 years’ time I would probably need a total resection of my stomach, too. Three years since then and the analysis showed that the number of polyps in my stomach significantly increased to almost 5,000. I really felt defeated as there was no way out of that.


My wife followed our niece’s suggestion, and one year after something incredible happened…

Around that time, my wife started to take HERBA on our niece’s suggestion. Since my condition was likely to cause me eczema and stiff shoulder, I started to take HERBA, too, following my wife’s advice. When I first took it, the area around both my ears and eyes smarted, and the skin affected by the eczema started to peel off; however, I heard that it was a healing crisis and I continued to take it. Somewhere along the way my stiff shoulders problem disappeared, and so it happened for my eczema; I could feel something was changing in me. Then, after one year the gastrocamera’s pictures showed that almost all the polyps had disappeared, and on top of that the mucosa where the polyps had disappeared from looked of a healthy pinkish hue, smooth and nice. I was indeed surprised but looking at the much more shocked doctor’s expression I realized that something miraculous had happened to my body.


Now, every day is about enjoying my favorite sake!

The doctor went back on his words from 10 years ago as he claimed that such a recovery from malignant polyps was incredible and that in the light of such improvements the stomach resection would be no longer necessary. Now, I enjoy my favorite alcoholic drinks!



“I defeated polypoid vocal cord in 2 weeks!”

 Yumiko Nakanishi (Kobe; in her 60s)


Suddenly, my voice was gone…

One morning I woke up and I couldn’t speak in a clear voice anymore, it was like I was uttering strange sounds. I was surprised, though, I thought to wait and see the situation for the next 10 days or so as maybe I was just tired but nothing changed.


I had a polyp in the past and I successfully treated with HERBA!

I recalled I actually had a polyp in my throat quite a while back and let it there for around one and a half years. Probably my throat was rather weak by nature. My throat growled and I experienced some discomfort when I swallowed. Just around that time I was suggested to take HERBA. I started to take it and somewhere along the way the polyp disappeared, which is why I never thought about it again. Recalling that experience, when I asked the doctor whether the polyp I had suffered from in the past was back, he seemed surprised to hear I had it in the first place adding that it had indeed disappeared very nicely, and said that both my throat and vocal cord looked very well.


A complete recovery in 2 weeks!

The doctor told me to take three-months’ time to heal step by step and refrain from long-talking. However, I wanted to get better much quicker than that as it was a troubling situation work-wise. So I started to increase my HERBA consumption, and in two weeks my voice was back and I was declared polyp-free. Although it was a case of polypoid vocal cord, I was further praised by the doctor for showing such a healthy throat. I was really happy.


Clearly nutrition was a kick-in factor for the cells regeneration!

By taking HERBA, I learnt that not only my complexion and skin were improved but that the same process was happening inside my body. Thanks to my continuous consumption of HERBA, I was able to cut the recovery time from 3 months to 2 weeks. Accumulating fatigue leads to malnutrition which, also, leads to illness, so from now I want to avoid the occurrence of such situations taking HERBA properly. Through this experience, I realized what a brilliant thing cells regeneration is, and got proof once again of HERBA nutrition power!



I got rid of my diabetes in three weeks!

Mitsuo Toguchi (Hyogo; in his 50s)


I was afraid to get insulin injections, so I put my foot down and told the doctor I would improve my nutrition instead”

I started to feel bad and it felt like something serious, so I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with diabetes with a blood sugar level of 650 mg/dl. However, I heard from my wife the risks of insulin injections, so I put my foot down and told the doctor I would rather improve my nutrition instead. Usually, I would have protested and told my wife that I cannot trust efficacy of these things, but feeling oddly bad, and keen to get some medication I obediently stuck to my wife’s suggestion and started to take HERBA.


I started to take HERBA and when I went for my checkup three weeks later, the results were astonishing even for the doctor!

Having my own business, I cannot get any rest. So I was quite impressed to notice I could work without taking even one day off after starting to take HERBA. At the checkup after three weeks, the results were quite astonishing even for the doctor and my blood sugar level had significantly decreased to 90 mg/dl. My values got tested again after that but the results were still within the normal range of 90-100 mg/dl, so the doctor said I made a full recovery from diabetes. All my family was surprised and firmly believed in the importance of a balanced nutrition. I am very grateful to my wife for her knowledge in preventive medicine and nutrition, as well as to all the HERBA team who provided me with the right guidance. I am still working very hard. And I am still enjoying my favorite sake. With HERBA by my side I feel safe, and all my family is taking it.


katsumi okunaka_photo_voice


Such great improvements to my diabetes and liver function the doctor could not believe it!

Katsumi Okunaka (Fukuoka in his 70s)


I said no to hospitalization and I trusted my wife.

I discovered my blood sugar level was very high, 280 mg/dl, when I took some blood test as part of my follow-up appointments to the surgery since I had undergone for prostatomegaly. The doctor recommended I should be hospitalized but my wife suggested HERBA, so I decided to get better through nutrition. Although even before I heard some talking about HERBA, I never took it, so I decided to give it try. Every day I took ALCO-BIO, EX-VIT and Design series. By doing so, I could see the results after only two weeks. My blood sugar level was 182 mg/dl and the hemoglobin A1c level dropped from 12.6% to 12.2%. Furthermore, continuing to stick to my HERBA routine, my exams after half year showed a blood sugar level of 115, and hemoglobin A1c level of 6.1%. I could bring my hemoglobin level back within normal range and now it is 5.8%.


Improvements up to my liver function!

Thanks to these improvements to my health, I was able to enjoy meals, and now that the doctor has expressed some concern over my neutral fat value, I am planning to seriously keep taking HERBA from now on while monitoring my life style, too. More, although the values of my liver function were really bad, with great surprise the doctor declared “its levels were completely back to normal.” Now I feel so grateful and thankful I trusted my wife’s words.


<Chronic Disease: Crohn’s Disease>

The levels of the chronic condition of Crohn’s disease were back within normal range after one year!

Toshiyuki Nakasone (Hokkaido; 16 years old)

– His mother told us the story –

He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during his second-year of junior high school!

When I brought my son who was in his second-year of junior high school to the hospital for buttock pain, he was diagnosed with anal fistula. I superficially thought that maybe some bacteria got in it; however, it kept happening and every time they also used a catheter. I felt that such a situation was odd so I was introduced to a different hospital where he was hospitalized right away for a month and underwent a complete checkup. At that point a peculiar infection was found in his intestine and the result pointed to Crohn’s disease which is designated as an intractable disease by relevant government agency. As soon as I sought advice from some relatives of ours, I was introduced to HERBA.


Just with HERBA the anemia disappeared!

With tests anemia was found, too, so we got a prescription for medications to stop the infection and medications for the anemia. At that time, I wasn’t sure whether to start with HERBA or not but then we tried it and, since it was easy to take, we went ahead feeling it was our last hope. When I asked the counselor for advice, I was told we could skip the medications for anemia, so we tried and went a month without them when at the checkup after one month his values looked quite improved and, at the checkup after two months the levels of his anemia were normal.


One year later, his intestine infection was under control!

He kept taking HERBA 4 or 5 times a day. At the beginning I was concerned whether my son was able to take it properly but he duly brought it with him when out for some club activities or school trips, and kept doing like this every day. We, parents were very impressed by the way he took it properly and seriously as directed. At first there was a healing crisis which made his bottom hot with a hitching sensation but beside that he could spend his days with no other particular changes. One year from then “tests of his large intestine showed that the infection levels of Crohn’s disease were within normal range.”


Such an improvement was astonishing!

When your kid is small, you check his feces but when he starts to grow you stop. This is why I didn’t know that his feces always looked more like diarrhea but my son thought that it was normal. Now, his feces look normal. When I heard that it was an intractable disease, I felt so overwhelmed with doubts wondering what to do. Even when we started to take HERBA I didn’t believe the situation could improve up to this point, and I feel so happy there are no words to describe it. Even now that his values are normal, it is part of my son’s daily schedule to prepare HERBA every morning and have his 3 or 4 times-portions ready for the day.


otoe yoshida_photo_voice


I was finally free from allergies (eyes, nose, skin) that started in my 30s!

Otoe Yoshida (Osaka; in her 50s)


It started out as allergic conjunctivitis but I soon became allergic to whole body…

I was working as a nurse. One day I couldn’t read the blood pressure values. I wondered if I was losing my sight. My eyeballs were covered by a jelly-like substance. It was allergic conjunctivitis and I started to take anti-allergic agents and drop-instillations. However, during the following year, the allergy was always there, and, on breezy days, my eyes were so watery that my foundation was washed clean. Furthermore, in spring I suffered from hay fever while on summer from sun allergy, and my nose was running so bad that in 10 minutes I used up a pack of tissues. My eyelids were swollen and the allergy didn’t stop despite the medications. The skin of my neck got bad and, when I opted for steroids seeing no other options, it got rough as the one of elephants.


I started to take HERBA and my year was full of happy things!

At first I came across HERBA Skin Bio on a friend’s suggestion and I liked it a lot. I wanted to have a skin as beautiful as the HERBA people had so I started to take HERBA nutrition.

Every time I took it, I felt my whole body was on fire turning red till my very fingertips. The area around my skin for a moment looked like it was getting worse as part of the healing crisis but eventually it became nice and I could wear clothes that revealed my neck. Even my eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) that got congested with blood just by carrying heavy bags, or by fatigue, which the doctor defined as an ageing phenomenon, are now in good shape! And I don’t suffer from hay fever anymore.

Before, I tried so many expensive cosmetic products, too, from famous brands but now, since I met HERBA, just with one bottle of Skin-Bio my look is flawless! Sometimes I think “if only I had found it earlier, I would have become pretty more quickly, and for way less money…” (It makes me laugh). HERBA has become something I could not live without.


sachiko mikami_photo_voice


All the many allergy symptoms I had improved!


Sachiko Mikami (Aomori; in her 30s)


I thought medications was the way to go for allergies…

Since my second year at junior high school I was diagnosed with asthma and eyes and nose allergy, while from my adulthood I developed solar dermatitis, which was treated with steroids. At that time, since I didn’t have any knowledge at all about things such as the side effects of medications, I believed that if any symptoms showed up I would have to go to the hospital to get treatment, whether it was matter of internal medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, or dermatology.


I met HERBA and… 

Then, a few years back I heard from an acquaintance of mine that steroids were not good for the body, and when I stopped taking them, with the stress from work and everything, around autumn I suffered from some asthma attacks. It was then that I got introduced to HERBA.
At the beginning I was not very interested in health food, and thought it would take money, too, so for the moment I stuck with the medications. After some time, I had the drugs I was taking checked out by a counselor from HERBA, and I found myself surprised at the severity of their side effects. That was my triggering episode to reduce the drug use by properly taking HERBA at the same time, and in half year I stopped taking all the 4 types of medications I used.


Luckily the healing crisis, too, subsided and without even noticing I was improving…

First I started with the Design Series which gave me hot-flashes in my face which was swollen for a little time. However, keeping up with the nutrition, symptoms gradually subsided and started to improve. I experienced a healing crisis but since I started taking HERBA my asthma attacks disappeared, so I felt confident I could keep going. I have improved so much that now friends say things like I lost weight or that I really look prettier. What has changed since I met HERBA? Well, my way of thinking about nutrition for sure. I am aware of my own body, learning the relation between illness and nutrition on the forum. Nutrition is indeed a question of quantity, quality, and its balance.


reiko tamaki_photo_voice

<Collagen Disease>

I left behind all those days of pain from menopausal disorder, diabetes, and Collagen disease!

Reiko Tamaki (Osaka; in her 50s)


Due to the drug side effects, symptoms became worse…

I took hormones for 5 years as the menopausal disorder was terrible (at the hospital I was told it was safe); however, during that time I developed asthma, too, so for 2 years I took together with the hormones medications for the asthma. At that time, I was not aware of the concerns about drugs, I simply thought as far as the symptoms got better it was OK, and seeing no other options I kept taking them. However, I rather felt increasingly tired, and the joint pain in my knees and hips became worse. Also, I experienced stiff shoulders, eye dryness, constipation and numbness of the hands. I felt hopeless thinking that if it kept going like that I couldn’t work anymore, and keen to improve even a little I tried a lot with healthy food that was supposed to work. However, no matter how much I tried, my condition still did not change and I felt overwhelmingly afraid and worried that very soon I wouldn’t be able to use my body freely anymore.


I understood the importance of a balanced nutrition!

Around that time, I was introduced to HERBA and started to take it. Then, I could understand my body was undergoing great changes every day. The skin texture was fine, wrinkles/spots and white hair diminished, even other people looked at me and, as they could see such changes, made positive comments saying things like I was pretty, and slim. I learnt about the relation between nutrition and body in the forum, and realized how the concept of balance is clearly important when it comes to nutrition.


In less than a year and I could say good bye to diabetes and collagen disease…

My entire body showed several symptoms, particularly due to diabetes and collagen disease and was affected on the inside. Once I started to take HERBA, despite some healing crisis, I was absolutely surprised that I could say good bye to all of them in less than a year. My skin, too, improved so I could cut in half the types of cosmetic products I used, and didn’t need to go to the hospital or have a massage. With HERBA it is possible to get with balance all the necessary nutrition for the human body. Through my experience I testified that it is an amazing product that can grant you total improvement.” There are no words to describe the happy place I am in.


tokie haigo_photo_voice


Since started to take HERBA, my husband, who treated his hypertension with medications for a long time got his values back to normal in a month!

Tokie Haigo (Nagoya; in her 50s)

He took hypotensive drugs for a long time to treat his hypertension.

I was introduced to HERBA and, hoping that it could help with my husband’s hypertension, we started to take it together. With a blood pressure around 160-110mmHg, he was diagnosed ten and several years ago during a checkup and from that time he continued to take hypotensive drugs.


Once he started to take HERBA, in a month his blood pressure was within normal range and could get rid of the drugs, too!

To be honest, I had accepted the fact that such disease as essential hypertension caused by many years of lifestyle was, which was my husband’s case, incurable. However, after a month since he started to take HERBA, his blood pressure dropped within normal range, and although it is common belief that once you start to take medication for blood pressure, you cannot ever stop, from the following month he completely stopped to take it and switched to HERBA solely. Without any resistance, my serene husband was able to keep taking it constantly, and this is why I think his improvement happened so quickly.


The results of his checkup, from blood pressure to all the other organs functions, were good.

All the results from his checkup were normal, and the doctor informed him that the internal organs were functioning properly. This is, too, a result I must thank HERBA for and I really appreciate that.


I was able to get on a diet myself and my face became thinner.

After I started to take HERBA as well, I could successfully get on a diet losing about 5kg in a year. I fitted in clothes two size smaller and my face became thinner. I believe in the importance of proceeding “little by little,” this is why we will surely continue to take HERBA together.


reiran ka_photo_voice

<Kidney Disease>

Even my kidney which was in bad shape recovered and the migraines, arthritis and tinnitus improved!

Reiran Ka (Kobe; in her 60s)


Every day it was about overmedication

Due to an eyes inflammation I was suffering from before and cataract, I was taking different types of medications. However, as pretty soon I experienced some itchy sensation, I took some exams. It was allergy, so in addition other medications became necessary and I took them every day. Soon enough I started to have kidney trouble and was in and out of the hospital on a regular basis. My body ached overall and, feeling like I couldn’t bear with it anymore, I was trying herbal remedies when I came across HERBA and gave it a try.


In one year, tinnitus, arthritis, and migraines were gone…

One year since I started to take it, the migraines, arthritis, and tinnitus I had been suffering from for a very long time disappeared somewhere along the way. Even the hardest task didn’t fell heavy anymore and I could run around full of energy. This reminds me that I actually suffered from airplane sickness but it disappeared, too, and recently my eyes that were in such bad shape can handle a newspaper reading with no need of reading glasses, even my friends were thrilled about it.


All those feelings of unease, depression and frustration are gone and I feel confident about my health.

I was depressed and frustrated but once I started to take HERBA I felt confident about my body feeling it was healing from the inside. Maybe because I felt serene on a psychological level, too, I have learnt to live every day feeling like I can face anything with a positive spirit.


<Aplastic Anemia>

The aplastic anemia, which made it impossible for me to produce blood, got better!

Susumu Sato (Niigata; in his 60s)

Due to aplastic anemia, I was continuously in and out of the hospital, and with a condition that forced me to get transfusions 3 times a week, I gave up the idea of living a long life. However, since I started to take HERBA, transfusions were no longer necessary and I could produce blood. Eventually, I was able to go back to my beloved tennis.


teruyo yamasaki_photo_voice

<Congenital hip dislocation>

I had nine surgeries due to congenital hip dislocation, and now… I can even dance again!

Teruyo Yamasaki (Miyazaki; in her 40s)


I had artificial joint replacement…

I was born with congenital hip dislocation and since I was 10 up to my adulthood I went back and forth to hospital for a total of 9 surgeries. Because of this, every day was a struggle with acute pain, and no matter how often I took painkillers, it didn’t stop the pain, and surgeries became that very thing to make it go away. This kept going on and on. Putting on some weight overloaded my hips, and every single day I endured the pain with no moments of relief. The situation was that the only thing I could handle by myself was a dietetic treatment; however, eating meant putting on weight, while not doing so would weaken my muscles and not developing enough bone.


And soon a life on the wheelchair…

The doctor, too, told me that ultimately I would need a wheelchair, so while adjusting myself to the idea I somehow endured my painful daily life with the energy I had as far as I could move. However, my body gradually stopped to respond. Although it was only my hips that deteriorated, my overall physical condition and shape became worse, and I kept on with such an uneasy life when I joined the HERBA forum of preventive medicine that took place in Fukuoka. For the first time I understood nutrient intakes and the malfunction of the body which were concept I didn’t understand before, and felt moved to tears.


Once I started to take HERBA, I became a new person!

It is 4 years since I started to take HERBA and my entire body condition has improved so drastically I am like a different person from who I used to be. Now, almost every day I am up and about thinking if I can be of any help to others’ health. At a party I joined the other day, I was able to dance the twist which is something I never thought of. I will do my best from now on in everything while continuing to take HERBA.