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What does HERBA’s ‘SMOOTH’ for regular, smooth bowel movements contain?

The concepts of SMOOTH are ensuring fresh bowel movement and a smooth diet. It contains abundant quantities of the main ingredients that control the intestinal environment and other ingredients that cut both fat and sugar.


What causes constipation? What does HERBA’s ‘SMOOTH’ for regular, smooth bowel movements contain?

As the gastrointestinal functions less well, the intestinal environment gets worse and we become constipated.


⇒If the sympathetic nerves are too tense, the gastrointestinal function decreases, which causes constipation.

■Bad eating habit

⇒The stomach lacks the nutrients it needs to function well and we become constipated.


⇒The function of the parasympathetic nerves, the stomach and intestines are lowered and we become constipated.


What causes diarrhea?

As with constipation, diarrhea is related to the intestinal environment. People who have diarrhea have tense parasympathetic nerves so their stomach doesn’t work normally. Eating something that is bad for the body can also cause diarrhea, but is unrelated.


Does diarrhea have an effect on obesity or skin?

If a body doesn’t work well, metabolism doesn’t work well. As waste is piled up, people become obese. If essential nutrients for the body are in shortage, we become underweight. Similarly constipation has a bad effect on our skin.



What are the benefits of SMOOTH? How is it different from regular laxatives?

Using a laxative regularly reduces the function of the intestines and the cause of constipation is not resolved.
HERBA’s SMOOTH is not designed to be remedy for short term constipation, but ingredients such as Lactobacillus sporogenes, bifidobacterium, aloe arborescens extract, and burdock root powder work together to improve bowel movement and control the intestinal environment and ensure you have healthy bowel movements.



「Bowel revolution」


The bowel is our second brain

The bowel is regarded as ‘a second brain’ because it adjusts its function depending on our environment. There are nerves stretching out like a spider’s net all over the inside of our bowel. Factors such as hormones and neurotransmitters control our bowel and our intestinal environment and adjust themselves to keep us in good health. Because of this mechanism we experience stomach pain or diarrhea when we feel nervous or stress.


The bowel is the largest immune organ

The majority of the total immune cells in our body exist in the gastrointestinal tract so itis regarded as the largest immune organ in the human body. Therefore, diseases such as cancer, allergies and immune disorders are closely related to the function of our intestinal environment.

Colon cancer is on the increase

Colon cancer used to be common only in western countries but recently due to a change in eating habits it has become common in Japan. The large bowel has many roles such as absorption of water, excreting waste substances and also helping metabolism, therefore any decline in the function of bowel influences our whole body.


The link between the bowel and constipation

It has been said that people who suffer from constipation are more susceptible to colon cancer; the reason being intestinal mucosa is in contact with harmful substance and cancerogenic substance for a longer period of time. However, as long as bowel movements are regular, whether twice a week or three times a day, there is no need to worry. The problem is when bowel movements change and become irregular. One needs to be aware if there is sudden constipation or diarrhea, or both. Are your bowel movements regular?



What causes constipation?

When the autonomic nervous system is not working properly
Our modern diet consisting of high calories, high fat food, poor dietary fiber and intake of additives disturbs the balance of the autonomic nervous system, which can cause frequent constipation. Other factors are stress, shortage of sleep and a bad life style.

Our bowel ages

No matter how healthy we are, our bowel gets old as we age. The increase of bad bacteria in our bowel as we age makes the intestinal environment worse. As we age our stamina weakens which in turn weakens the abdominal muscle and the pelvis and causes less secretion of intestinal mucus. In addition, bowel movement stimulus by intestinum rectum loosens the intestinal tract that makes constipation more likely. These days even some people aged between 20 and 30 have such a bad intestinal environment that their bowel is estimated to be older than their actual age.

To keep your colon working normally

A balanced diet

It is important to have good eating habits such as not eating too much fat and eating enough vegetables and water. It is also important to consume the necessary nutrition for bowel and nerves.

A healthy lifestyle

Adequate exercise, good sleep and little stress are important. It is also important to take good care of the autonomic nervous system and the balance of intestinal bacteria.



Start with cleaning the bowel

Controlling the intestinal environment by getting rid of harmful substances, cancerogenic substances and waste products in our bowel will help have good bowel movements, which in turn improves the immune system and helps prevent serious diseases such as colon cancer. A clean bowel can lead to improved metabolism, more beautiful hair and skin, and weight loss.


Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Smooth


Smooth cured the persistent constipation I’ve had since middle school!

smooth_photo_saekiI’ve suffered from terrible constipation since I was in middle school. My stomach would get so bloated that I was unable to eat anything. I tried drugs to relieve the constipation as well as some Chinese medicine, but none of them worked. I started taking two sticks of Smooth every day three months ago, after dinner and right before bed. At the same time, I made sure to drink enough water. As a result, my bowel movements soon became much more….smooth (haha). For some time I suffered from dark or hard stools, but that all went away with Smooth.



I also lost 2% body fat and some of my clothes became loose. I also feel that the quality of my fat got better. My husband told me my face had become thinner too. I used to have problems with my periods, but these have gone away, and my friends tell me that my skin is looking really nice. Now when I take Smooth I make sure to take lots of water as well. I intend to keep taking Smooth as it’s really working for me.


Yukari Saeki (20s), living in Osaka


I lost 6kg thanks to Smooth and the weight is staying off thanks to Shape!!

smooth_photo_itoWhen I first came across Smooth I was 172cm tall and weighed 78 kg. I took two sticks of Smooth every day for about two years along with X-1. As a result, I lost 6kg under two years! I didn’t have the time to do exercise and just kept eating the same kind of food, but the weight just dropped off naturally. In order to keep the weight off, I started using Shape. I now take three tablets with my dinner, and this provides me with the essential nutrients I need while helping me get rid of excess calories and additives! Thanks to these Herba products, I’ve been able to keep the weight off even though I eat full meals. I’m so happy!


I tried dieting products from another company for one or two months in the past, but they didn’t work at all. Herba really works, and I would recommend Shape and Smooth to anyone who is looking to lose weight and keep it off.


 Toshinori Ito (40s), living in Fukuoka


No more stomach tension! I can fit into my tight jeans thanks to Smooth!

I’d never had problems with constipation or anything like that, but when I saw Smooth was on offer I thought I’d give it a go. I took one dose every day. On the fifth day, my tense stomach loosened and by a week later my jeans became so loose that I could put my whole hand inside. It is really surprising how effective Smooth is, and I’m going to keep taking it in the future.


 Kayoko Watanabe(50s), living in Osaka


My friend got rid of the polyps in his intestines and cleaned his intestines with Smooth!

I was worrying about my age and immunity when I heard that Smooth is very effective at improving the intestinal environment. I had been given Smooth by my company, but as I didn’t like the taste I’d been giving it to a friend of mine. Then one day the friend told me he used to have polyps in his intestines but they hadn’t appeared for two years because he had been taking Smooth.


After that, I started taking Smooth with other Herba products before going to bed every night. I now check my bowel movements to see how well my intestinal wall is being cleaned. There was no drastic improvement but I felt some changes taking place in my intestines. I used to be bothered by the daily cleaning around the house and so on, but now I can feel that my intestines, my autonomic nerves and my immune cells have been activated through taking Smooth. Smooth is a great example of just how good Herba products are!


Megumi Takeuchi (70s), living in Tokyo


Getting rid of my constipation and skin problems helped me become positive about life!

smooth_photo_sahodaSmooth is different from laxatives and Chinese medicine!
I had two operations for ileus because I had overused laxatives at a time when I was ill. The laxatives had wrecked my body and I was in a lot of pain. However, when I started taking Smooth, I began to notice that my bowel was getting better and I was able to go to the toilet naturally. As well as fixing my constipation and improving the condition of my intestines, I saw major improvements in my skin. I stopped worrying about the eruptions or marks on the skin that are common at my age, and my skin is actually in good condition now. I hardly ever catch cold and moreover I feel positive about life and never feel down.


I understood that Herba’s nutrition was essential for my body.
Before I started taking Smooth, I suffered from watery stools. However, with Smooth my intestines started to work correctly, and my bowel movements became solid again. With the improvement reaction at the start I did start to produce bad-smelling flatulence, however I knew this was a sign that things were starting to work. At one point I thought that since I seemed to be better I might as well just stop taking Herba, however any time I did stop I’d just start to feel worse again, and I realized that Herba is essential for my body to work as it should.


Take Smooth in line with your objectives!
I’d recommend Smooth and X-1 for anyone who suffers from constipation or is trying to diet. Nutrition is the cornerstone of our health, and I know the value of Smooth as I’ve been in situations where it was really necessary. I work in a beauty clinic right now, and many of my younger colleagues don’t eat proper meals with good nutrition. Even though they are fine just now, as they get older I know they’ll gradually start to lose their sense of judgment, and experience all sorts of other problems too. I hope that young people will take on the nutrition they need before it’s too late.


I don’t have the words to thanks Herba enough.
I started taking Herba because I had an eating disorder. All diseases are terrible, but eating disorders are a breed of their own in terms of how sad and isolated you feel. I couldn’t share my problem with anyone, and I finally ended up weighing just 23kg. It was all too much for me, and I wanted to escape, to take an easy way out. For some people, this could mean they wanted to give up on life, but in my case, I was lucky enough to be able to find Herba. If anyone is in this situation just now, I’d like to reassure them that a day will come when you’ll be able to eat normally again, and that they should place their trust in Herba.


Nanako Sahoda(40s), living in Osaka

Herba improved my constipation and helped me with my diet!

smooth_photo_okunakaWhat a difference it made adding Smooth to other Herba products!
I started taking Smooth when it first came onto the market and I started feeling the effects the very next day. I had been taking Design Series and Etique-Vivit to combat constipation up to that point, and they had done a great job over a number of years. When I added Smooth to the mix, my bowel movements further improved and I could sense that Smooth was working well in conjunction with Etique-Vivit. For sure I will be taking Smooth in the years to come!


My intestines improved and my body has changed a lot!
Soon after I started taking Smooth, my bowel movements became banana-shaped, which is an indicator of good health, and my skin became smooth and moist. I also stopped getting pimples. Since then, it seems like my immune system is working better as I hardly ever catch cold. Moreover, my basal body temperature, which used to be around 34 degrees, and my blood pressure, which used to be 60/30, have both been brought to a normal level.
And I was also able to drop 14 to 15kg of weight that I had gained, naturally and gradually.


I recommend Smooth for when you eat out or when you eat too much!
In the beginning I was taking one or two sticks of Smooth every morning and night, though I’d sometimes take as many as four if I felt I needed to, along with plenty of water. Even through my health has been good lately still I take Smooth two days a week to keep me well protected. What I like about Smooth is that it metabolizes extra fat and additives, so I make sure to take it before going to bed if I’ve gone out for a meal or eaten too much.


I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life thanks to Herba!
I was in and out of hospital for operations during my 20s. I suffered from bad constipation, and was taking medicine to treat it. However, I developed hemorrhoids, the medicine stopped working, and so I was given stronger drugs, needed enemas, and so on. It was around that time that I came across Herba. It took a while for me to get better, but in the end I experienced a massive change, with my body returning to the way it was in my 20s or 30s. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to find Herba, I’m sure I’d have been in and out of hospital all this time. Right now my work involves trying to help people to be healthy by promoting the importance of nutrition in cases of hyperthermia. I’m so grateful that Herba has given me a second chance at life.


Mayo Okunaka (30s), living in Fukuoka


I cleaned my intestines out and lost 5 kg!

It only took only ten days for me to lose 5kg through taking Smooth! I feel that my abdomen shrank and my body became lighter. I can tell that my intestines are being cleaned out and my bowel movements have improved too. With all these changes happening in my body, I am looking forward to seeing myself in a month’s time!


Mika Hirao (30s), living in Osaka



Features of major ingredients



piper_longum ヒハツ

Piper longum

The plant of the pepper family. The traditional medicine of India and China uses it to warm dyspepsia and body. It warms body by acting on the sensory nerve and the sympathetic nerve. Because it enhances to the peripheral vessel, and the blood stream is improved, not only cold is improved but also the vascular disorder and the clot formation are prevented. The metabolism is promoted, and it is useful for healthy stomach, healthy intestine, and beauty.

aloe キダチアロエ

Aloe arborescens

It is called “Doctor unnecessary”, and is patronized as a medical herb that is effective for all diseases such as the gastroenteric disorder and skin diseases in many regions of the world.

Its restoration action of a digestive organ improves and prevents the constipation and diarrhea, and enhances beautiful skin, and improves the decrease action of blood sugar levels, and the immunities.

guava グァバ 

Guava leaf

The polyphenol is abundantly contained, and it is effective for the antioxidative effect, suppressing absorption of sugar and the improvement of intestinal environment.

green_papaya 青パパイヤ

Green papaya

The included papain enzyme promotes metabolizing fat and sugar. In addition, it is useful to regulate the functions of the intestines.

Spore lactic acid bacterium 有胞子乳酸菌

Spore lactic acid bacterium

It is a kind of good bacteria in intestines. It reaches intestines alive because it is  strong with heat, acid and enzyme. It is effective to prevent diarrhea, atopy, and tumorous enteritis.

Bifidus bacteria ビフィズス菌 

Bifidus bacteria

It is one of good bacteria in intestines to keep the intestinal environment healthy.

The living microbe cleans the environment in intestines, and is also effective to prevent constipation and diarrhea and helps to reduce the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

Lactosucrose オリゴ糖


Bifidus bacteria (good bacteria) in intestines are increased, and it works significantly to digest, absorb, and metabolize nutrition while contributing for the health maintenance of intestines by improving bowel movement. In addition, the hyperlipidemia and obesity are prevented by reducing aborption of fat.

Burdock powder ごぼう

Burdock powder

The chlorogenic acid (kind of the polyphenol) contained in the coffee bean is attached to the malodorous component, and its deodorant effect is demonstrated.

There is antioxidative action, and its abundant dietary fibers improves the working of intestines.

Coffee bean コーヒー生豆

Coffee bean

The chlorogenic acid (kind of the polyphenol) contained in the coffee bean attaches the malodorous component, and a deodorant effect is demonstrated. There are effects of antioxidation, to control absorption  of sugar and fat, and prevent accumulation of fat.

gymnema ギムネマ


Gymnema controls the absorption of sugar by intestines. The prevention of obesity and diabetic are admitted by suppressing the rise of the blood sugar level and the cholesterol in blood.

garcinia ガルシニア


Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) included in garcinia plays an important role for metabolizing fat. Moreover, the balance with vitamin C, vitamin B group, and minerals prevent the absorption of fat.

Vitamin アセロラ

Vitamin C

It helps the formation of collagen, is a vitamin necessary for the antioxidative action and controls the excessive generation of the melanin pigment. Its balance with garcinia improves the resolution and metabolism of fat. It is “immune vitamin”, and helps to prevent the infection to bacteria and virus and improves immune system as anti-allergy and anti-cancer.

Vitamin イノシトール

Vitamin B family

Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 are vitamins that tend to be insufficient and is important for the state of blood and working of the nerve, and are called “Morality vitamin, growth vitamin, and antibody vitamin”.

Lecithin 大豆イソフラボン


Lecithin is one phospholipid that forms the cell membrane. It has to do with adjusting cholesterol in the blood, and helps prevent arteriosclerosis. However, lecithin is a nutrient that is consumed easily by the stress.