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What is the Shape Slim diet?

The concept of the Shape Slim diet is calorie control. SHAPE contains high quality functional substances and is designed to detoxify excess fat, sugar and toxins.



Why do we get fat?

One of main reasons of being overweight is that the intake of calorie is more than our basal metabolism of calories.
The basal metabolism is influenced by aging, health and life style, and if it falls then little by little we can put on weight.
It is important to keep our body healthy and metabolism high, but it is often easier said than done.



Which ingredients are effective to control calories?

Gymnema sylvestre controls the absorption of sugar. Garcinia Cambodia prevents the absorption and metabolism of fat. B-complex vitamins and vitamin C are essential for metabolizing fat and sugar. Chitosan balances the vitamins to help the metabolism of fat. Houttuynia cordata improves detoxification.



What are the benefits of SHAPE?

The ingredients work together and allow each tablet in SHAPE to burn an extra 200 kcal. Extra calories in food are discharged before being absorbed (essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals are absorbed.)





「 Is it good to be skinny?」


Many women in Japan want to be skinny

While the number of obese people is increasing, young women still want to be skinny. One in eight women is underweight. Women are worrying about their weight, and wishing to be skinny from a younger age, and there is concern it will have a serious affect on both their physical and mental health.
What is so serious about the trend is a large number of women go on extreme diets, skipping meals and completely ignoring nutrition and their health.


Being on the wrong diet is a mistake

Extremely limiting one’s diet just to reduce calories causes a lack of the necessary nutrition for our body, which results in problems such as bones becoming fragile or muscle loss. The younger the women start such extreme diets, the higher the chance they will experience health problems such as an imbalance of hormonal secretion from the uterus or ovaries and autonomic nerves. Other health problems that can be caused are anemia, rough skin, low immune system, osteoporosis and mental health problems.
Restricting one’s diet for a short time is also very risky because the body tends to return to its original figure or even bigger, with mostly fat but less muscles and bone density.


What’s making us fat?

Bad nutritional balance is one major reason we get fat. Consuming too many calories, poor nutrition in vegetables and fruits, or the use of additives disturb the nutritional balance of our diet and lead to a lifestyle related to disease or obesity.


Recent trend is low basal metabolism

Basal metabolism is the energy used by the most fundamental human activities such as the mechanism of organs and maintaining body temperature. It declines with age. Muscles consume more energy during basal metabolism, so if muscle is reduced by extreme dieting, less energy is consumed and our bodies are likely to become fat. In addition, the development of technology and transportation means we burn less calories in our daily lifestyle. It is estimated we burn 100kcal less than we used to 40 years ago. It suggests that modern people tend to consume more calories but burn fewer calories.


The correct way to diet

The original meaning of being on a diet is to have good eating habits. Therefore, a good diet is not to reduce calorie intake, but to take better care of our body by saving calories whilst taking enough balanced nutrition. Knowing what weight we should be, and maintaining a good lifestyle and healthy eating habits also help us stick to a good diet.


Start with looking at your daily foods

With modern eating habits it is easy to take too many calories. The first step for being on a good diet can be to limit one’s intake of sugar and fat, and substances such as additives, which disturb basal metabolism.





Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Shape


 Keeping my health and figure with Shape!

shape_shape_hujimotoI take Shape because I want to keep my figure as it is. In fact, I like strong-tasting food. My favorite noodle dish is fatty pork and I eat two packs of potato chips at one sitting. I can’t stop liking what I like, so I take Shape to try to help keep me slim. I’d be very fat by now if I hadn’t been taking Shape.


Kaori Fujimoto(30s), living in Tokyo

I got slim without changing my diet using Shape!

shape_photo_kunimotoI like to have a substantial dinner so I take three Shape tablets before I eat, and another one or two afterwards. I know it will be stressful if I try not to eat so I prefer using Shape and eating the things I like. I haven’t changed my eating habits but I’ve been able to keep my figure, thanks to Shape!


Chika Kunimoto(30s), living in Fukuoka



Features of major ingredients





Luctosucrose increases bifidus bacteria and play an important role for digestion, absorption, and metabolism in the intestines. In addition, Chitosan helps this ingredient encourages discharging bad cholesterol and fatty liver, and also has the diet effect.

Chitosan キトサン


Chitin, as polysaccharide, composes outer shell of crustacean like crab or prawn and cell walls of shell. What Chitin is transformed by rare organic acid is called “Chitosan”. Chitosan helps resolution  and metabolism of fat , and absorption of fat is prevented by the balanced among lactosucrose, vitamin C, and vitamin B family. In addition, diet effect is encouraged.

houttyuynia ドクダミ 

Houttuynia cordate

Potassium, quercitrin (a kind of flavonoid), and chlorophyll are contained to be effective for health. It has been called “Jyu yaku”(ten medicines) because it is effective for intestinal disorders, diuretic effect, detoxification, and anti-inflammation. It has been used as an effective medicine since old time.

gymnema ギムネマ 


Gymnema suppresses the absorption of sugar in the intestines, and is also effective to prevent obesity and diabetes by suppressing the increase of blood sugar level and cholesterol in blood

garcinia ガルシニア 


Hydroxy citric acid included in Garcinia significantly helps metabolizing fat.
In addition, it is proven that the balance with vitamin C, vitamin B group, and mineral group prevent the absorption of fat.

Kelp extract ケルプ 

Kelp extract

Containing 23 kinds of minerals, kelp is a treasure house of mineral. It also contains protein and vitamin in good balance. Because it contains minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron abundantly and the iodine and the boron are also contained, the working of the thyroid is helped and so are bone and teeth to become strong.

Vitamin  イノシトール 

Vitamin B1

B1 is important substance when metabolizing sugar, which helps nerves’ functions and mental condition and  also keeps muscles and a heart in shape.

Vitamin ビタミン

Vitamin B2

It is the vitamin for growth and energy and is effective for growth, genital, skin, hairs, nails, and mouth as well as metabolizing fat.

Vitamin ビタミン

Vitamin B6

Helping working of B1 and B2, it is essential to produce the antibody and the red blood corpuscle.

VitaminC ビタミンC アセロラ

Vitamin C

Its good balance with Kelp or Garcinia encourages resolution and metabolism of fat. In addition, its balance with Kelp is important for immunity, cells and growth.