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 IC UV Blocking Milk with Whitening Essence



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What is UV Blocking Milk ‘IC’?


IC blocks UV, and because an ultraviolet scattering agent is used the skin doesn’t get damaged.

Generally an ultraviolet absorber is used to block UV, but it is also known to damage skin. IC uses an ultraviolet scattering agent instead so is much safer for the skin.


Whitening and caring for the skin while blocking UV

IC contains many rich ingredients such as astaxanthin and grape leaf extract good for beauty and whitening skin so it not only blocks UV but also looks after the skin.


Excellent antioxidant effect

Astaxanthin has an excellent antioxidant effect in carotenoid and is good for the prevention of spots and wrinkles and for whitening, and anti-aging.

■4 times the lutein

■3 to 40 times the β-carotene

■15 to hundreds times the vitamin E




「UV’s effect on our skin」


Ultraviolet rays cause our skin to age

Many women worry about their skin. It is true that skin ages as we age but we don’t have to completely give up on our skin’s aging. It is impossible to stop its aging but is possible to slow it down.


2 Types of ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays (UV) are found in sunlight. There are 3 kinds of UV with each wavelength, and most of the UVs are UV-A and UV-B.



UV-A occupies 95% of the total ultraviolet rays that reach our skin through clouds and windows. It reaches deep inside our skin and damages its tension and resilience. In addition, UV-A is one of the main causes of wrinkles and slack skin.
Protection Grade of UVA: PA


UV-B is highly dangerous. It doesn’t reach our skin deeply but causes significant damage. The damage not only appears as spots or freckles on the skin, but results in a decreased immune strength by destroying DNA and damaging immune cells in skin.
Sun Protection Factor: SPF

We need a balance of UV!

Exposure to moderate ultraviolet rays actually has some good effects on the skin such as sterilization, synthesizing vitamin D and encouraging blood circulation and metabolism. However, having too much UV causes roughness, discoloring, wrinkles, dullness and aging of the skin. It can also cause many serious diseases like skin cancer and cataract.


UV is out there all year round

It is not enough to protect our skin against UV only during summer time. UV increases its strength from March and it is most dangerous between May and August. About 50% of UV still reaches our skin even on a cloudy day, and it is usually strongest between 10am and 2pm. In fact, UV is present throughout the year. The destruction of the ozone layer has led to an increase in the UV radiation reaching the earth.



How to prevent UV aging our skin!

It is possible to keep a smooth metabolism and slow down the skin’s aging process by having a good balanced diet that is essential for not only skin, but our whole body. We can’t completely avoid UV so it is very important to take preventative measures before our skin burns.


2 Types of sunscreen

■Ultraviolet scattering agent

Builds a film on the skin. The film reflects UV on the skin and protects it from getting tanned. The skin will get less damaged.

■Ultraviolet absorber

Protects the skin from getting tanned by producing a chemical reaction with the UV on our skin. The skin will have more damage than using a UV scattering agent.


Choose sunscreens that are chemical free

There are many reasonably priced sunscreens with high SPF and PA on the market, but those products usually contain lots of ultraviolet absorber. They interrupt UV well but allow more damage to our skin. If using sunscreen every day, it’s better to choose products that are ultraviolet absorber free. It is considerably better to choose something gentle to our skin.


Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about IC


It’s smooth, not oily!

ic_photo_yuasaI use IC as a sunscreen throughout the year. Every morning after I’ve used Skin-Bio and Skin-Oil to wash my face I use IC as foundation for my makeup. In summer, I use IC on my hands and body. At times when the sun shines strongly, I use IC along with a high SPF sunscreen. I like it because it is smooth, not oily. My daughter has sensitive skin and suffers from allergies so she can’t use regular sunscreens, but IC seems to suit her skin very well.


Shigemi Yuasa (60s), living in Kyoto


My daughter has an allergy to UV light so only IC will do!

ic_photo_okahisaMy daughter has a UV allergy so I decided to give her IC. Her skin is so sensitive that even sunscreen for babies gives her skin a rash, but she can use IC without any problems! I have been using other Herba products for years so I had no doubts about using IC. I was reminded once again about the quality of Herba through my experience with IC.



What I like about IC is its light fragrance, smooth feel and how well it suits my skin. Every morning I wash my face, use Skin-Bio and put on IC as foundation for my makeup. IC protects me from getting a suntan and whitens my skin. I often take it with me and put it on my neck and hands while driving during the day.
My job is teaching people about how to use makeup, and IC and Skin-Bio have a good reputation among my students. Even so, it’s hard to really know how good something is just by reading about it – try Herba skincare products for yourself!


Mineko Okahisa(50s), living in Tokushima



Features of major ingredients



astaxanthin アスタキサンチン


Its power to prevent oxidant of lipids in cells is 1000 times better than vitamin E, and its power to eliminate singlet oxygen is 550 times better than vitamin E, 40 times than β-carotene, and 150 times than CoQ10. Settlement of pigment, production of melenin, aging by sunlight and development of wrinkles can be prevented. It is essential ingredient for sunburn, spots, wrinkles, moistness, suppleness and gloss.

Grape leaf ブドウ葉

Grape leaf

Its effects are anti-inflammation, antioxidant and moisture retension, and they are important for rough and delicate skin.

St.John's wort オトギリソウ

St.John’s wort

Containing flavonoid, it is important herb for anti-inflammation, improvement of blood circulation, antibacterium, antioxidant and controling production of melanin.

Hericum erectum アルニカ

Hericum erectum

It has been used as hemostasis since Heian era in Japan, and its anti-inflammation, controling the secretion of sebum and straining effect protect skin from being damaged. It gives strength to skin. It protects blood vessels and can be used as hemostasis.

Horse chestnut マロニエ

Horse chestnut

It is important herbal extract for protection from UV, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, moistness, improvement of flexbility of skin and slack.

Hamamelis Japonica ハマメリス

Hamamelis Japonica

Inflammation is prevented and pimples and small scars can be healed by improving its antioxidant. It has whitening effect.

Hedera helix セイヨウキズタ

Hedera helix

There are such effects for skin as anti-inflammation, calmness and straining. Oxidanto (aging) can be prevented by improving metabolism of secretion.

Zinc oxide 酸化チタン

Zinc oxide

It is safe UV screener extracted from natural minerals. Because UV refractive index is high, it can protect skin from not only UV-A wave but also UV-B wave (It is UV that  can cause spot, freckle and cancer by damaging the surface of skin as inflammation).