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What is ‘ZINGY EX’ nutrition for joints?

Zingy EX improves joint trouble. It contains ingredients such as UC-2, chondroitin, and glucosamine in high density, which are known to be effective for joint trouble. It is nutrition to improve joints.



Why do we get joint trouble?

Cartilages are soft and supple so they work as a cushion between the bones and allow joints to move smoothly. If the cartilage gets worn out, friction is caused between the bones which can lead to inflammation and pain.
A decrease in metabolism can be caused by aging, weak muscle, overwork, obesity, or poor diet. In particular post-menopausal women tend to experience a rapid decrease in bone density and poor cartilage.
Sometimes immune cells attack their own cells (especially cartilages in the hand and leg joints), and that can also cause inflammation, deformation, and pain.


What is Non-denatured type II collagen, UC-II®?

There are more than twenty types of collagen such as type-I, type-II, type-III and so on. Type-II contains nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin which can support the joint (cartilages and bones).
Usually once collagen enters the body it is broken up into amino acid but UC-II is extracted in low temperature so that the collagen is not degenerated. As a result, UC-II reaches and is absorbed in small intestine keeping its structure of a type II collagen without being broken up into amino acid.
In short, as the collagen structure is kept, only UC-II is sent to the joints and the immune organ in the small intestine (Peyer patch) recognizes it and immunity can be improved.
UC-II eases damage, improves reproduction and health of joint cartilage, and reduces arthritic pain. It is also effective for osteoarthritis caused by aging and rheumatoid arthritis caused by immune disease.


What are the benefits of ‘ZINGY-EX’?

The balance of UC-II, chondroitin, and glucosamine makes it possible to be absorbed efficiently, which is what prevents and improves joint trouble.
In addition, the combination also makes it possible to produce bones, which support the cartilage, and hyaluronic acid as synovial fluid in the body, so all joints can become strong.


「No more joint pain」


Joint pain is very common

Our body consists of 200 pieces of bone. The joints between bones are covered by articular cartilage that is soft and elastic and by the articular capsule. The articular capsule is made of synovial membrane and secretes synovial fluid. It is the synovial fluid which makes the joints move smoothly. The structure of the joints is very complicated, and that’s the reason why we often have trouble with our joints.


Why do we experience more joint pain as we age?

Most cases of joint pain as we age are gonarthrosis. As we age our cartilages wear out and deform, pain is caused by inflammation in parts of the joints or swelling and deformation of bones.
Knees are the joints that support our weight. Supporting the body’s weight for a long time causes a lack of nutrition supply to our knees, hyaluronic acid contained in articular cartilage or synovial fluid decreases as does the elasticity and moisture in joints. This can cause pain when walking, an inability to straighten knees or to go up or down stairs, deformation of the joints, and water on the knees.



Knee pain for all ages

One of the major reasons for knee pain in all ages is rheumatism. Rheumatism is a type of collagen disease, it is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks its own body and causes inflammation or destruction of the organs’ tissues. Articular rheumatism affects mainly the hands and legs; cartilages are surrounded by synovial membrane thickened by the inflammation and destroys bones, cartilages and ligament. One can experience symptoms such as joint pain, joint swelling, stiff joints and joint deformation. Chronic inflammation of joints leaves them frozen so in the case of legs, it can leave the sufferer unable to walk.


Women are particularly at risk

The female hormone estrogen adjusts the formation and absorption of calcium, keeps bones in good health, and makes joints move smoothly. However the production of estrogen decreases after menopause and that has an effect on joints. Women tend to have less muscle and weaker muscle than men so experience weakening in muscle, stiff shoulder and back pain. Producing less estrogen causes less elasticity in the cartilage, so joint pain and other troubles worsen.


To prevent joint trouble

A good balanced diet which includes protein, vitamins and minerals is important for bones, cartilages, synovial membrane, synovial fluid, and joints that support the tendons and muscles. A good balanced diet provides the ingredients for blood and immune cells so that immune system can function well.

The first step is to reduce pain

Good nutrition is important for cartilage, muscles and joints. A balanced diet improves absorption, which helps to prevent and improve joint pain.


Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Zingy-Ex


My osteoarthritis got better in two weeks and I was able to play golf again!

photo_zingyex_inoueI was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees when I was a student. I was told that I had the knees of an eighty year old man. I’d brought it on through playing a lot of sports. I still like sport a great deal, but when I do it my knees swell up. At one point I really overdid it and my knees swelled up so much that I couldn’t even walk. I wanted to participate in a golf tournament two weeks later, so I started taking six to eight Zingy-Ex tablets four or five times every day for two weeks. In just one week I felt that the pain had eased. In the end I was able to play in the tournament and I even got a personal best score. Despite walking all day for two days straight during the tournament, I had no pain in my knees, and I thought to myself, “Wow, Zingy-Ex really works.” I still take two tablets three times a day to keep myself in good condition.

Kimiyo Inoue (50s), living in Osaka


 My doctor gave up trying to fix the pain in my knees but it got better with Zingy-Ex!

photo_zingyex_mishimaMy mother developed pain in her knees to the point where she couldn’t walk. She tried to cure herself by going to hot springs and doing rehabilitation exercises at the hospital. However, it didn’t help and in the end her doctor advised her just to rest at home. She looked really unhappy at home so I asked her to try Zingy-EX along with a range of other Herba products. As a result, she became able to bend her knees again and gradually walk by herself. Now she’s much improved – she can go outside and cook in her kitchen. It’s great!


Mitsu Mishima(80s), living in Niigata


I used to suffer from sciatic neuralgia but now I can wear high-heels!

One day I felt a sharp pain in my back after a dance lesson. I had had a strange feeling in my back for a while, and I was diagnosed with sciatic neuralgia. Since then, the dull pain in my back lasted all day long, and I woke up in pain every three hours at night. My back was bent, walking was painful, I couldn’t go up stairs, and I had to rest every meter or so while walking. I couldn’t sleep on my front or my side, and I had to lift up my right leg by hand when I wanted to get into a car. And the pain got worse on rainy days. It really was a terrible time. I tried acupuncture and was prescribed painkillers at hospital. The acupuncture doctor told me that I would get well again soon, but I saw no signs of improvement. At last I started to think that I would need to do something to improve my condition. And around that time, I was introduced to Herba.


I started by taking six tablets of Zingy-Ex four times a day. Ten days later, the dull pain I was experiencing every day at that time started to ease. Next, I started taking Design Series four times a day as well, and my body got much better.
I can straighten my back now and I have no problem with walking. Sometimes I even wear high-heeled shoes. My friends were surprised at first when they saw my changed appearance. I started taking Herba for my injured back but I recently found that it has given me more beautiful skin too. I am very happy with Herba and all that it has done for me.


Masako Horikawa(70s), living in Hyogo


My legs used to be so painful I could hardly walk.

photo_zingyex_yoshidaI always used to walk thirty minutes to the local supermarket to get some exercise. One day I had cramp in my right leg on the way home from the supermarket. I was barely able to get home from the supermarket that day and I had to stay in bed for the next three days because of a sharp pain in my leg. I started taking five tablets of Zingy-Ex five times a day. I was also taking Design Series and Alco-Bio at the time, and I started taking more of these too. It took a while but my legs recovered to the point where I had no problems with walking, and all this without ever seeing a doctor.


My husband had a sore back, and he couldn’t bend over or walk. I recommended Herba to him, and in the end he couldn’t stand the pain and started taking three or four Zingy-Ex tablets four or five times a day. He’s much better now.
The legs and the back are very important for doing pretty much everything. We don’t want to go through that kind of painful experience again so we’re going to take care of ourselves by not overdoing it and above all making sure to take good nutrition.

Otoe Yoshida (60s), living in Osaka


Zingy-Ex helps ease the pain of rheumatism!

I had heard that Zingy-Ex was effective for rheumatism so I started taking five Zingy-Ex tablets twice a day. I realized the pain in my wrists and knees was getting better around a month later, and I was able to reduce the amount of medicine I was taking by half! I was taking protein supplements from another company but X-1 seemed to go better with Zingy-Ex so I decided to continue with X-1. It has been a while since I started taking the combination of X-1 and Zingy-Ex and I have gained stamina and feel like I’ve got energy throughout the day.


I heard that Skin-Bio was effective for skin care, and now I’m using it around my eyes, mouth and nose. People tell me that my skin is looking nice, so I’m going to keep using Herba’s products. I’m looking forward to happy, energy-filled days in the future.

Yoshiko Fukuda (70s), living in Gunma



Features of major ingredients





Among I-type, II-type, III-type and more than 20 types of collagen, type II collagen is contained in cartilage and bones and firmly supports glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluroic acid in joint cartilage.
In type II collagens, “Undenatured type II collagen” reach small intestine and is absorbed without being resolved to the amino acid because it is extracted at the low temperature so as not to denature collagen in living bodies while the structure of former II type collagen is being maintained.Only Undenatured Type-II Collagen is possible to deliver collagen as the foundation of such things as the joint cartilage. Because its structure is maintained, it can be recognized by the immune organ of small intestine, and the immunity is demonstrated.

Chondroitin コンドロイチン 

Chondroitin (Shark’s cartilages extract)

It becomes the material of the cartilage and the synovial, and it is quickly absorbed, and not only a decrease of the cartilage and the synovial is prevented but it is also important nourishment for the improvement.

Glucosamine グルコサミン 


Glucosamine generates the chondroitin and hyaluronic acid in a body. The hyaluronic acid is important nourishment not only for the joint but also for the youth of the skin to be retained.

Olive leaf extract オリーブ葉

Olive leaf extract

Among many contained effective elements, a kind of polyphenol “Oleuropein” has such effects as excellent antioxidative potency and anti-aging, controling active oxygen, an anti-inflammations, an anti-bacterium, allergic mitigation, and hypocholesterolemic activity.

Moreover, there is an action that promotes the sytesis of collagen, and the youth of the skin is retained.