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 CHAIN OF LIFE  Pure&natural multi vitamins&minerals

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‘Chain of Life’ Multi Vitamins & Minerals ?

Vitamins as organic substances need minerals as inorganic substances in order to be effective inside our body.
In short, natural vitamins and minerals work by connecting to each other like a chain. If any one of them is missing or the balance of their intake is bad, vitamins and minerals can’t be effective.
HERBA’s Multi Vitamin & Mineral ‘Chain of Life’ contains the right amount and balance of all the essential vitamins and minerals.



Why do we need vitamins and minerals?

They help to adjust the workings of our whole body, and are also necessary when protein, sugar, and fat are converted into cells that are foundation of our body and into energy.



Are vitamins and minerals effective if taken separately?

If taken separately most of their benefit to the body is lost.
Further, depending on the type, taking vitamins and minerals separately, can not only not improve our health but can also be stored in our body as waste or poisonous substances.


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「Vitamin deficiency」


What are vitamins?

Vitamins as organic substances are essential for us to live, and are trace nutrients also essential for the mechanism of our body to function normally, giving us health, youth and vitality. In addition, vitamins work as lubricants helping other nutrients function smoothly. There are 20 kinds of vitamins essential for humans, and each one has its own important effect. In fact, a shortage in any one of them in our body can cause disease.


Water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins

There are two types of vitamins water-soluble vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, folic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and choline) and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and F). Water-soluble vitamins are dissolved with water so they are easily excreted out of our body. Fat-soluble vitamins, however, are stored in our body and consuming them in bad balance may cause headaches, nausea, poor appetite (autonomic nerve disorder), exhaustion (central nerve disorder), colds (low immunity), and dermatitis (allergy).

Today’s diet is lacking in vitamins

We used to be able to get enough vitamins from our diet, but in recent times, the use of pesticides and additives and the presence of environmental hormones have broken down the nutrients contained in foods like fruits and vegetables. In addition, foods produced by commercial production like processed foods and instant foods do not contain many nutrients.
Most vitamins can’t be produced naturally by our body so we must get them from the food we eat. In some cases it is necessary to take supplements to avoid a vitamin deficiency.


Important facts

Nutrients need to be taken in the form of supplements in addition to a regular diet. There are two main kinds of vitamins on the market, one is natural and the other is chemically produced. Chemically produced vitamins can be mass produced cheaply so are widely used. In fact, most vitamin C used in foods is chemically produced. They are used as an antioxidant because they are easily oxidized. In other words they are a food additive. Vitamin C is commonly known for being good at preventing colds or cancer but the effectiveness of chemically produced vitamin C is unknown. Rather than simply consuming large amounts of any vitamin, we should think carefully about the quality of what we consume.

Another important fact

The type, quality, quantity and balance of any vitamin are very important for its effectiveness. Too little or too much of any of these elements can cause an imbalance in our bodies. For vitamins to be most effective they should also be taken with minerals (inorganic substances).


A shortage in vitamins can cause the following –

A lack of vitamins is related to various diseases.

For example:

Niacin – Acceleration of aging process, negative thoughts

Choline – Hyperlipidemia, Alzheimer’s

Pantothenic acid – Low immunity, obesity

Folic acid – Shortage of red blood cells, aging skin



What we need to complement our modern eating habits

Modern eating habits have made it increasingly difficult to get a good balance of nutrition. X-3 ‘Chain of Life’ contains the right balance of all 13 kinds of essential vitamins as well as all 18 kinds of essential minerals necessary for vitamins to work efficiently.


Features of major ingredients




■Vitamin A

It is effective as enhancement of growth, strong bone, healthy skin, hair and teeth by working with other vitamins and minerals. It works efficiently by taking with vitamin B group, vitamin D,E, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.


■Vitamin B1

It is called as “Moral vitamin”. It is effective for the function of nerves and mental stability, and controls the function of muscles and heart. It is essential for metabolism of sugar and better to be taken with other vitamins in B group.


■Vitamin B2

It is called as “growth and energy vitamin”. Growth and reproduction are supported, which makes skin, hair, nail and the oral cavity healthy.
It is essential for the metabolism of fat and protein, and It becomes effective by taking with other vitamins in B group.


■Vitamin B6

It is called as “Antibody vitamin”. It is essential for producing red blood capsules. It becomes effective by taking with other vitamin B.


■Vitamin B12

It is called “red vitamin”. It is contained only in animal protein and it forms and reforms red blood capsule which promotes growth.
It is also called as “nervous vitamin”, and the health of nerves, concentration and memory can be improved.


■Vitamin C

It is called “immune vitamin”. It is effective to prevent infection with bacteria and virus, and also improves immune system as anticancer and anti-allergy. The absorption of calcium and iron are encouraged and the production of collagen that is important for cells of blood, bones and teeth to grow is helped.


■Vitamin D

It is called as “Sunlight vitamin”. It is necessary for our body to be able to efficiently use calcium and phosphorus to have strong bones and teeth. It is effective for the prevention of catching cold by taking it with vitamin A and C.


■Vitamin E

It is called “Antioxidant vitamin”. It prevents lipids in a body from being oxidized and is important for rejuvenating skin and supplying oxygen. It becomes effective by taking it with selenium.


■Vitamin F

It is called as “vitamin of brain and retina”. There are α-linolenic acid and α-linoleic acid and their balance is important. It becomes effective by taking it with vitamin E.


■Folic acid

Called “Red blood capsule vitamin”, it is essential  when producing red blood capsule and improves the metabolism of protein. It is an essential vitamin to produce nucleic acid (DNA and RNA).



It is called “Hormone vitamin”. It is important for the health of nerves and the function of a brain. It is essential for the synthesis of sex hormones (Estrogen and Progesteron) and insulin. Mind will be negative if it is in shortage.



Called as “Anti-cholesterol vitamin”, it prevents hyperlipemia. It helps impulse in transmitting and helps to improve memory.


■Panthotenic acid

It is called as “vitamin of cells and nerves”, and it is important for composition, growth and maintenance of cells, and improvement and working of the central nerves.