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 MULTI VITAL AMINO Pure&natural Amino acid



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What is ‘Multi vital amino acid’?

Good quality nutrition in the right form and quantity is essential in order for nutrition to be synthesized in the body, to synergistically make organic change, and to be effective and efficient.


HERBA’s ‘Multi vital amino acid’ is programmed with animal and vegetable protein whose quality is as good as histidine that can be the essential amino acid for babies and eight kinds of vital amino acid which WHO recommends can be taken, and essential vitamins and minerals that are extracted from natural foods.



If we eat meals regularly every day, aren’t we able to take enough essential nutrition (protein, vitamins, and minerals)?

It is actually very difficult because of our modern eating habits.
In society these days, essential nutrients are exhausted, and even though calories (sugar and fat) are abundant, essential nutrients tend to be in shortage. The change in food culture, the use of chemical fertilizer and chemical feed mean recent foods contain less nutrients.





「What are amino acids?」



What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the most essential nutrients for humans. They build the fundamental structure of our body such as muscles, organs, blood, hairs and skin, which metabolizes every day. They are also essential to produce enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters.



Protein and amino acid!

60% to 70% of our body consists of water and about 20% of our body consists of protein. Amino acids produce the protein. Substances such as hormones, enzymes and antibodies can’t be produced without amino acids. Our body uses around a hundred thousand amino acids, and our DNA directs our body to produce the essential protein from 24 kinds of amino acid.



Essential amino acids!

Of the twenty-four amino acids that our essential for our body, eight (nine in the case of children) are so-called essential amino acids. As they cannot be synthesized within the body, we need to get them from food. Using these as raw materials, the remaining semi-essential amino acids are synthesized in the body.
And to create body proteins and moreover to allow them to function, we also require the correct types and amounts of essential vitamins and essential minerals. As the body builds protein on the basis of the quantity available of the amino acid that it has the least of at that time, rather than taking a lot of one particular amino acid we need to take the correct balance of amino acids.


One type of amino acid, lysine

Lysine is the essential amino acid that is most likely to be in shortage in our bodies. As it is found in animal protein but rarely in vegetable protein, vegetarians who consume no animal protein such as meat or fish should take care. Lysine improves absorption of protein and calcium, and metabolism of glucose. It also greatly helps grow and restore cells in our body. In addition, it builds antibodies, which then improves immunity against bacteria and viruses. Diseases such as herpes and cerebral stroke can be prevented and our hair is kept healthy. A shortage of lysine can lead to symptoms such as tiredness, weak concentration, dizziness, nausea, bloodshot eye or anemia.


Results of a shortage in amino acids

■ Central nerves in bad condition

Poor concentration, insomnia, waking up disorder, tiredness, depression, irritation and dizziness.

■ Spinal nerve in bad condition

Stiff shoulder, lumbago, wrinkles and slack skin.

■ Autonomic nerve

Cold hands and feet, constipation, diarrhea and poor appetite.


Essential for our health

Consuming a good balance of all 8 kinds of essential amino acids, 13 kinds of essential vitamins and 18 kinds of essential minerals, not only encourages metabolism and keeps us healthy but also helps to build beautiful skin and maintain a healthy weight.



Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about MultiVitalAmino


I overcame menopausal symptoms I’d had for over ten years!!

My menopausal symptoms lasted for more than ten years…

 I used to have no problems with my health, but for about 10 years, since I was 42 years old, I had menopausal symptoms like sweating and feeling hot. I was wondering if the cause was mental, and my back and shoulders had become so tense that I needed to have massages.
In addition, my husband was hospitalized with a serious disease, and he died three years later. After that, I lost my mental clarity and suffered from stiff shoulders, dizziness and low blood pressure. I often needed to take a nap. My shoulders were so bad that I couldn’t even raise my arms. My whole body was dull. Then my friend asked me whether I had autonomic ataxia.


I decided to take a chance…

Another friend mentioned Herba to me, and I went to participate in one of Herba’s health forums. After the lecture, I began to wonder if my discomfort may be caused by poor eating habits and insufficient nutrition. I decided to place my trust in Herba products and began taking them.


It took time but my health obviously improved…

When I started eating Herba I was surprised to find that I was producing a lot of gas and urine due to my improved metabolism. Two years later, my friends would often tell me I was looking better, and by next spring I could actually feel myself getting better. For a while nothing much made me happy and I was reluctant to go out, but now I enjoy talking with my friends and having a chance to laugh. Even my parakeet copies my laughter at home. I have enough space in my mind to think about other people’s health these days.


Tomiko Saito (60s), living in Aomori


My recovery from diabetes and improved liver function surprised my doctor!

x1_photo_okunakaI was told I was in need of an immediate operation for benign prostatic hyperplasia, and because of this I took a blood test in hospital. They found that my blood sugar level was 280mg/dl, which is pretty high. My doctor wanted me to stay in hospital for a while for some tests, but I talked about it with my wife and decided to do something at home. I started taking two tablets each of Design Series, Ex-Vit, and Alco-Bio, four times a day. I saw the effect in two weeks: a blood sugar level of 182mg/dl and a drop in hemoglobin A1c from 12.6 to 12.2. After six months, I had a blood sugar level of 115 and hemoglobin A1c of 6.1. Now my hemoglobin A1c is 5.8, which is considered a healthy value. I was able to get healthy again, slowly but steadily.


Katsumi Okunaka(70s), living in Fukuoka


Recovery form terminal breast cancer!
Six years since stopping anti-cancer drugs, I’m in much better condition than before the cancer!

Six years ago I happened to notice something strange in my breast…

My body temperature was always low. If I got a cough, it would last longer than a month, and I always needed to carry headache medicine around. Six years ago I noticed something like a lump of fat in my breast. At the hospital my doctor told me I had cancer that it had already metastasized to the lymph node. I needed surgery to remove the entire right breast because the cancer had already proceeded to the fourth stage. We couldn’t wait more than a month. I thought the surgery would get rid of something that was bad for my body, so I asked the doctor to go ahead with it. One month later, he told me to take anti-cancer drugs because the cancer I had had might have spread to other parts of my body. I followed his advice. During the second round of anti-cancer drug treatment, I had a bit of fever, vomiting, tiredness and was losing hair. I started to worry about my health getting worse and worse day by day. I told my doctor about it but he mentioned other medications for mental unrest, such as anti-anxiety drugs. It didn’t seem to me like the path to recovery.
I asked my doctors many times whether the anti-cancer drugs were really helping my disease. I told them I’d make any effort as long as it really helped me to recover from the cancer. Their answers made me worry even more. At last I asked them if they would choose anti-cancer drug treatment for their wife or someone really important to them if they had cancer. Their answers suggested to me that the treatment I was getting wasn’t going to help me.


A chance meeting with Herba…

 I told my doctor I was going to stop the anti-cancer drugs before the third round of treatment began. Two days later, one of my friends visited me after a long time. She told me later she was shocked by how weak I looked at that time.
She had heard about Herba, and I went to learn more about it at a Herba health forum. I was impressed to hear about others who had been as ill as me and who had had several operations but were still able to regain their natural healing power by consuming good nutrition. I felt this was something different from Western Medicine. I had found the way to recovery through preventive medicine.
As my body at the time had already suffered a lot from the drugs, I took a lot of Herba at the beginning – X-1 six times a day, and X-2, X-3, X-4, Ex-Vit, Alco-Bio and Smo-Bio four times a day. I would also eat Herba before going to bed. Neither the taste of X-1 nor the feeling of discomfort in my stomach at the beginning bothered me because I was glad to have found Herba and to be seeing improvements. I had good results at the following medical examinations. I am physically and mentally in good condition now. I now eat Herba depending on how I feel, but at least six to eight times a day in addition to other Herba products four times a day. (And twice as much before going to bed.)


What I learned from the days of fighting against cancer…

I had no reason to doubt the efficacy of Western medicines before I came across Herba. I recognized my own natural healing power and realized that it is not doctors but rather me who is responsible for taking care of my health. I get good results at periodic medical examinations, and my doctors seem surprised at my great recovery. They are still wondering how it is possible.
In my case, anti-cancer drug treatment almost broke my ability to stay positive. I was lucky that I stopped the treatment after the second round. If I had had another round of anti-cancer drug treatment I could have lost the will to ask my doctors the questions I did. My doctors were worried about me stopping the treatment, but I had the will to tell them to stop. I came across Herba just in time.
I have been supported by my positive will, my family and Herba’s reliable counselors, and I still take Herba now. I am really grateful to the person who introduced Herba to me. Herba encourages you to be positive so I am now taking care of myself by trying not to feel stressed and constantly consuming good nutrition.


Kida Sachiko(50s), living in Hyogo



Features of major ingredients





The ration that Leucin occupy in essential amino acids in a day is largest. It helps a liver function better, however, too much intake of it causes losing the balance with other amino acids. As a result, the working of immune system gets decreased. Leucin is called as “BCAA” while Valine  and Isoleucin are called so as well, and it is depply related to the metabolizing energy of muscle, improves stamina and eases exhaustion.



Phenylalanine is important essential amino acid that is converted into nervous transmitting substance such as “Dopamine”, “Adrenalin” and “Noradrenalin” in a brain. Willingness and vitality can be encouraged by transmitting stimulus. It has been proven that Phenylalanine  is effective to mental depression. Too much intake of only Phenylalanine can cause increasing of blood pressure, however, it is said that being taken with Vitamin B12 gives good effects to Multiple Sclerosis and the conditions of nerves and muscles. It is necessary to take enough Phenylalanine for the improvement of memory so that the skill to learn can be improved.



Lysine is component of anitbody, hormone and enzyme and plays important role for the growth and healing power of a body. Absorption of protein, metabolism of glucose, absorption of calcium, strengthening the function of a liver and efficient use of fat are encouraged. It is important substance for producing collagen as well as the health of hairs.
It is most likely to be in shortage among amino acids. Its shortage may cause growth disorder, so it is important to take both husks and animal protein



It is BCAA that is metabolized in muscles same as Leucin and Isoleucin, and is vital amino acid that improves stamina of muscles and eases damages of muscles. It is important to take it in good balance in order to work efficiently.
 A body try to fix the balance of nitrogen by breaking down muscle tissues if the balance of nitrogen in blood is lost. Valine fixes the balance of nitrogen and improves the growth of muscles.



Threonine is a vital amino acid. It is contains in grain in small amount, and hardly get absorbed so it tends to be in shortage in humans’ body. Its being in shortage can cause the disturbance of growth, losing appetite, losing weight and anemia.
It is required when protein taken from food is about to be used and it improves growth and metabolism. It prevents the accumulation of fat and alcohol in a liver as well as fatty liver.



It is BCAA that is metabolized in muscles as well as Valine and Leuchin, Energy metabolism  in exercise is influenced very much if all the three BCAA are taken in good balance.
The growth is encouraged, and acts like recognition can be improved by supporting the working s of nerves. It is vital amino acid that expands blood vessels, improves the function of a liver and helps the recovery from exhaustion.



It is one of amino acids that contains sulfur.It has a effect to lower the density of histamine in blood so it is effective for allergies and depression.
It is contained only small amount in protein but is important  vital amino acid that gets rid of active oxygen by improving metabolism of fat and detoxification, improves metabolism and is important to keep hairs healthy. If it is in shortage, less metabolism, swelling and infection can be caused.



Tryptophan is a vital amino acid being sent to a brain and gives effects as easing pain, hypnosis and mind stability with vitamin B6, niacin and magnesium. It is important substance for a brain.
It is contained in kinds of food but only a little bit. It is a coponent to synthsize protein, and it may cause depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia and pain if it is in shortage. It influences to immune system and has effects as anticancer and helps heat disease and alcoholic.



More than ten years ago, it had been said as vital amino acid for children because they can’t produce it inside their bodies, and non-vital amino acid for adults. However, it has recently been said as vital amino acid for adults too because they too can’t produce it enough inside their body.
It is related to the growth by enhancing the secretion of growth hormone and supports nervous functions. It also has effects as antioxidation and eases stress.