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What is VITAL-EYE for lively eyes?

VITAL-EYE is based on the concept of giving eyes vitality and each capsule contains a balance of nutrients and functional ingredients such as crocetin, bilberry, lutein, and cassis extract.



Why do eyes get tired and what causes eye trouble?

■PC, games, and TV etc.

Exhausting the eye’s muscles and optic nerves and tension weakens their ability to adjust and can lead to eyestrain.


The ability to adjust the focus and the metabolism of the crystalline lens worsens with aging. The eye works harder to correct the problem and it becomes a vicious circle.

■Other diseases

Various diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration can cause defects in eyesight.



Do eye drop cure eye diseases?

Eye drops may ease the symptoms temporarily but don’t cure diseases. Using eye drops regularly may reduce immunity or may cause other eye diseases.
The best way to prevent and improve eye troubles such as eyestrain or eye diseases is to consume nutrients essential for eyes, and functional substances that help the eyes’ various functions.



What are the benefits of VITAL-EYE?

VITAL EYE improves the circulation and metabolism of nutrition for the eyes while maintaining the various functions of the eyes and encouraging the workings of eyes.




「Beautiful eyes」


‘The eyes are the window to the soul’

It is said that the eyes say as much as the mouth does. A person’s eyes also reveal the condition of their body and mind, and they can affect the impression we give to others. Bright eyes make a good impression, and on the contrary not making eye contact or frowning can give a bad impression to others. Your eyes can also make you look younger or older than you are.


The function of the eyes is complicated

The eyes are often compared to a camera because eyes recognize the shape and color of objects from light. Firstly, the eyeball gathers light which comes through the cornea, the information is focused and retracted, and images are formed in the retina. The information is converted into an electrical signal that goes through an optic nerve. When the signal reaches our brain, we see the image so it’s not actually the eyeballs that see the image. Sometimes if our brain feels a strong sense of stress we can’t recognize objects even if there are no problems with the eyes or optic nerves such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

The eyes start to age at 15

As we get older, we can suffer from farsightedness; it becomes harder to focus on things close to us. The crystalline lens does the job of a camera lens, and if it loses strength it makes it difficult to adjust focusing, but the muscle called the ciliary muscle around the crystalline lens is also very important for our eyes to focus. The ciliary muscle is controlled by the autonomic nerves, so if these nerves are disturbed they can cause the ciliary muscle to not function as well. It is thought that symptoms of farsightedness can start from around the age of 15.


Children’s vision is in danger

Recently boys and girls of all ages have worsening vision. Using mobile phones or playing TV games for long periods of time, or stress from relationships at school etc. are all suggested as possible reasons for the trend. A decrease in vision can lower positive attitude and can also influence comprehension, judgment and motivation. Children have good flexibility with their brain and eyes, but even though their eye muscles are good at adjusting to new environments, it is also proven that their eyes can deteriorate three times faster than adult’s eyes.

Youthful eyes keep our mind and body young

A decrease of vision causes not only weakening eyesight but also troubles or unhealthy condition of eyes and our whole body. Therefore, it is important to take some daily preventative care to keep our eyes and body in good health and also prevent aging.


■ Consume a good balanced diet

Essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals are ingredients for our whole body such as eyes, crystalline lens, ciliary muscle, nerves and the brain. It is also important to consume a good balance of functional substances that help make eyes active.

■ Have good life style

A good life style helps our eyes avoid factors that disturb the autonomic nerves such as stress, coldness, poor sleep or lack of exercise. Letting our eyes take good rest and maintaining a good posture also help reduce stress on our eyes.


Daily care can ensure beautiful eyes!




Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Vital-Eye


 I got my eyesight back! Now I’m allowed to drive a car without glasses!

vitleye_photo_kobayashiMy eyes felt strange so I started taking Vital-Eye about one and a half years ago. I was taking two capsules twice every day – three when my eyes felt really bad. After a while, my eyes improved.
About six months later, I had to renew my driver’s license, and I was told I didn’t need to wear glasses when driving my car. I felt very grateful to Herba for Vital-Eye at that time. I think it worked so well because I had been consuming good nutrition for some time too. Now Vital-Eye plays an important role in my life, and I trust it completely. From now on, I’m going to take care of my nutrition as well as my daily habits.


Nobuko Kobayashi (60s), living in Shiga


My eyes don’t get tired anymore!

vitleye_photo_nakayamaI work at a beauty salon so my eyes are always almost overworked because I need to concentrate for long periods of time. Until I started taking Vital-Eye, I’d often start blinking a lot when I felt tired. However, I noticed a change in my eyes the day after I started taking Vital-Eye.
Whenever I used to do eyebrow extensions I would need to concentrate a lot, and my eyes usually got tired quickly, but with Vital-Eye I was able to see each individual hair very clearly, and wasn’t tired even after doing two customers. It was surprising to me that I wasn’t getting tired either, even though I wasn’t really sleeping enough. When I have a busy day, after about one or two customers I always make sure to take some Vital-Eye.


And when I take Brabio as well, I seem to be able to talk to customers more easily at the same time as avoiding tired eyes. If I take two or three tablets of Brabio when I need them at work, I feel a lot better.
I also take X-1, X-3 and X-4, and they make the luster of my skin and complexion a lot better. Herba nutrition is perfect for people who want to be able to get the best out of themselves at work.

 Hiroki Nakayama(30s), living in Osaka


I was told my sight would never get better but it did with Vital-Eye!

vitleye_photo_mogamiOne day my son was hit in the face with a soccer ball during a game. When he came home he told me that he was seeing double. The next day I took him to see a doctor, who told me his retina would detach if he ever got hit again. In fact, the doctor was angry that I hadn’t brought him to the hospital sooner. My son’s eyesight had decreased from 1.5 to 0.9, and I was told that it wouldn’t improve. I had thought it would get better over time, so that was a surprise.
Then he started taking Vital-Eye, about one tube every 7-10 days.


A month later the detachment in his eyes had recovered. Three months later, his eyesight was back to 1.5.
My son tells me that the day after he takes Vital-Eye his eyes feel much fresher. He’s going to keep taking Vital-Eye in order to maintain his 1.5 eyesight, even though so many kids these days seem to need glasses.


 Sora Mogami (11 years old)  living in Tokyo




Features of major ingredients



Bilberry ビルベリー


Contained ten times as much anthocyanin as blue berry, Bilberry is effective to prevent aging, eye disease, and arteriosclerosis. It promotes the synthesis of rhodopsin that is pigment and recognizes light, and is involved in the improvement of eye sight.

Vitamin A ビタミンA

Vitamin A

It is fat-soluble vitamin and is called as “eye”or”mucous membrane” vitamin because it keeps skin and mucous membrane normal, improves immunity, and encourages growth.

Crocetin クロセチン


Crocetin is a kind of rare natural carrenoid. It has been proven to be effective for the improvement of circulation of muscles which support lenses of eye, the adjustment of the function to focus eye, and the recovery from eyestrain.

Vitamin bカロテン

Vitamin B group

Vitamin B1,2, and 6 are called “moral”, “growth”, and “antibody” vitamins and very important for the condition of blood and the workings of nerves. They tend to be in shortage. It works together with other substances to improve optic nerve and mucous membrane and very important to increase metabolism.

Lutein ルテイン


Lutein is contained plenty in the retina and crystalline lens. It is a kind of carotenoid that can’t be sythesized in a body. Such effects have been proven as antioxidant, maintenance of the optic nerve, and prevention of Cataract and Macular Degeneration. Its effect is increased by taking with vitamin A.

Vitamin E 米胚芽油

Vitamin E

It is called ” antioxidant” vitamin  and fat-soluble vitamin. It is important for active immune system and oxygen supply. It prevents arteriosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke, and improves circulation peripheral blood vessels of eye.

Working with vitamin C, E eliminates active oxygen, and slow down the pace of cell’s aging (oxidation); as a result, anti-aging can be done.

Cassis カシス


Not only vitamin C and vitamin E but also minerals such as magnesium and iron are abundant in cassis. Cassis contains anthocyanin that is known as antioxidant very much and improves circulation of peripheral blood vessels.