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What is VIGOR for super anti-aging?

The concept of VIGOR is for women to be more youthful and lively. It contains high quality functional ingredients.



What changes after the menopause?

Menopause affects both men and women. They tend to experience a hormone imbalance during menopause as well as a variety of symptoms throughout their whole body.
People around this age have lower reproduction function, lower motivation and lower stamina. Skin becomes slack and some parts of the body can start creaking. The decrease in functions of the nerves and sex hormones caused by aging can influence all of these things.



Does the fall in sex hormones make us more prone to disease?

Yes, it does.
Climacteric syndrome is when women have a female hormone imbalance; they tend to have an autonomic imbalance during menopause.
It can affect men too. If the sex hormones are decreased, aging is accelerated, and can result in adult diseases such as osteoporosis, hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension. As such diseases advance, they can lead to more serious diseases such as heart disease and cerebral apoplexy.



What are the benefits of VIGOR?

VIGOR contains a good balance of the necessary amounts of high quality grape polyphenol, lychee polyphenol, GCP (soybean isoflavone), black cohosh, maca extract. Their synergistic effects make nerves that are weakened by aging and sex hormones active and help mental and physical rejuvenation and anti-aging.





「The bible for anti-aging of the skin, body and mind」


The balance of female hormone is important for youth

Many women want to stay as beautiful as they are now even after five years. Everyone hopes to stay youthful as long as possible. After a woman’s twenties, a drop in production of female hormone, or an imbalance in the hormone can cause the skin to lose its luster, become discolored, or have cold hands and feet and hair can become dry.


What is anti-aging?

Anti-aging is to suppress factors of aging by preventing and improving the aging process. Rather than stopping time, anti-aging‘slows time down’. The female hormone has a great influence on anti-aging.





How our ovaries age depends greatly on the individual

‘Hormone’ means ‘to stimulate’ in Greek. It is the substance that transmits orders in the endocrine system amongst the command lines of our brain. There are two kinds of female hormone among about a hundred types of hormone, and they are estrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries on command from our brain (hypothalamus). The ovaries start aging after the age of 30, and the amount of female hormone produced by the ovaries is significantly decreased by the time a woman reaches the menopause. Ovarian hypofunction happens naturally, some young women do not produce enough female hormones and experience a very early menopause, some have late menopause. How the ovaries age varies greatly depending on the individual.


Female hormone is the key to women’s beauty

The female hormones are essential to keep women youthful. Collagen and hyaluronic acid which make the skin glossy are increased by the female hormone, and its presence can increase the volume and strength of hair. Further, female hormones maintain bone density and control blood pressure and cholesterol, and maintain a feminine body shape.


What influences the pace of women’s aging?

The ovaries’ production of female hormones is very delicate. Its aging is not caused only by us getting older, but can also be easily influenced and advanced by other factors.


The production of hormone decreases. Metabolism becomes low.


Consuming too much sugar. Lack of good balanced diet. Lack of exercise.


Stress, Smoking, additives and atmospheric pollution.


Cholesterol is essential to produce female hormone

Female hormones are produced by the ingredients of essential nutrients and cholesterol. In fact, hormones can’t regularly be produced without cholesterol. Women may worry about their cholesterol level being high, but it being too low can cause a reduction in female hormones which can lead to various health problems.


Women can produce female hormones at any age

Even if a woman stops producing female hormone from her ovaries, as long as she has a good balance of nutrients and cholesterol she is able to produce and secrete female hormones from the adrenal glands. Therefore, a good balance of nutrients and functional ingredients is important for our brain (hypothalamus), ovaries and hormones to be able to adjust the balance of hormones and for a woman to maintain a beautiful and youthful skin, body and mind.


Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Vigor


I got my youth back with Vigor!!

vigor_photo_tachibanaI’ve been taking Vigor for two years, and while I feel improvements all over my body, the thing I first noticed was the change in my menstrual cycle. It became more stable and my periods felt like they did when I was in my twenties. I now take two capsules of Vigor every morning and night. In my hair salon I was told that my skin has fewer wrinkles and my hair has more moisture. The skin over my entire body has become suppler and it repels water after I take a shower. I was surprised how well Vigor worked for me.


Yasuno Tachibana (40s), living in Hiroshima


It is very good for your skin!

vigor_photo_yamaguchiMy skin has improved a great deal since I started taking Vigor. It is almost like a beauty essence product for the skin because I feel better the next morning, and I have a smile on my face all day. It also controls my hormonal balance so I feel like not only my skin but my whole body has become younger. I am almost 50 years old but I don’t feel any menopausal symptoms. I think it is thanks to Vigor. It has an anti-aging effect on my entire body!


Michiyo Yamaguchi(40s), living in Osaka


My lifestyle has been getting better and I feel healthy all the time!

vigor_photo_ezakiThe first thing I noticed since I started taking Vigor is that I don’t get tired. At my age some people get leg pains and get tired quite quickly, but I can still enjoy playing golf. Not worrying about my health gives me more motivation in life. I also sleep well. Once I go to sleep I don’t wake up until the next morning. My bowel movements are good too. My skin looks better and has tension and color. My wrinkles have disappeared and my skin has become more transparent. Vigor has given me a lot to be happy about.


Yuka Ezaki (60s), living in Kobe


Vigor fixed my basal body temperature in just six months!

vigor_photo_shibuyaThis is the second year since I started taking two tablets of Vigor every morning and night. What impressed me most about Vigor was the improvement in my basal body temperature. Previously, I hardly had a day of high body temperature but after taking VIGOR for about six months, this changed. I started to ovulate again because my hormonal balance had been fixed.
In addition, the condition of my bowel improved. I used to have heavy diarrhea throughout the year, but with Vigor I haven’t had it once in the last two years. I don’t catch cold either. The texture of my skin looks better and my wrinkles have disappeared. I have become more positive about seeing people too.


I was already taking Design Series before I started taking Vigor, but Vigor seems to be having a noticeable anti-aging effect. I feel motivated to play tennis, which is my hobby. I’m going to keep taking Vigor so that I can stay young, physically and mentally.


Rei Shibutani (40s), living in Shiba


Vigor has made my skin young again!

vigor_photo_tamakiI had been taking Herba’s nutrition so I was satisfied with the condition of my skin but I noticed further improvements like fewer marks and wrinkles since I started taking Vigor. It seems that taking Alco-Bio as well enhances Vigor’s effects, as my skin now hardly shows any signs of tiredness. It is always good news for women to have beautiful skin.
In addition, I don’t get as many floaters appearing in my eyes as before. I recover better from tiredness and I can also see things in a more positive light. I feel excited about having more vitality.


Reiko Tamaki (60s), living in Osaka


My hair and skin look better and I’m keeping menopause at bay!

I started to take Vigor because my mother and I were worrying about losing our hair. After a while we noticed that we weren’t losing nearly as much hair, and the hair itself was gaining strength. I remember we were quite surprised about Vigor’s rapid effect on both of us.
I was at around menopausal age at the time, so I would often sweat excessively, but that settled down when I started taking Vigor. Some of my friends were badly affected by the menopause but I had no problems.


The rashes that used to appear all the time on my skin disappeared, and my skin became really smooth. Herba’s Skin-Bio is another product that I take, and it helps me take care of myself inside and out.
Before I started eating Herba’s nutrition, I used to catch a bad cold every winter and had to stay in bed for days each time, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I think my immunity has improved. I don’t worry much about the menopause or aging because now I now take Vigor as well as Herba nutrition. I’m looking forward to further improvements to my body and health thanks to Herba’s products.


Naoko Wada (50s), living in Hyogo




Features of major ingredients



Grape polyphenol ブドウポリフェノール

Grape polyphenol

Grape polyphenol contained in Herba’s product is extracted from the grape made in Bourgogne in France so “Resveratrol” and “Anthocyan” are contained a lot.Resverotrol is contained a lot in skin of grape, and various clinical results such as antioxidant, anti-aging, prevention of dementia and blood vessels disorder, and eyes’ disease have been confirmed.

Lychee polyphenol ライチポリフェノール

Lychee polyphenol

Herba contains “low molecules Lychee polyphenol” extracted from unripen Lychee, which has more absorption than high molecule Lychee polyphenol extracted form ripen Lychee.
Low molecule Lychee polyphenol improves blood circulation, adult diseases, and stamina. In addition, its power to block UV prevents spots and wrinkles so that it also has good effects to skin.

GCP  Soybean isoflavone  大豆イソフラボン

GCP (Soybean isoflavone)

Soybean isoflavone contained in Herba’s product has 5 times higher absoption than general isoflavone, and has great antioxidant.GCP is effective for physical matters such as osteoporosis and mental matters such as anxiety and depression. Menopause can be improved.

Black cohosh ブラックコホシュ

Black cohosh

Black cohosh used for the female peromenopausal symptom measures of 1.5 million people as an alternative medicine in use, especially Germany in Europe. It is said that the balance of the female hormone is kept normal, and there is an action that improves the perimenopausal symptom. Black cohosh contains triterpenes glycoside that began to be paid attention, isoflavone, and alkaloid as main features.

Maca extract  マカ

Maca extract

Maca is a root vegetable of the South America Peru Andes high ground origin. It is a robust plant that can be grown by the severe environment for the living thing like a strong temperature under the sunray, ultraviolet rays, and the freezing point etc, in daytime.
A special element of Maca includes the glucosinolate, the alkaloid, the triterpenes, the phenol compound, flavonoid, tannin, and the saponin, etc.
In a physiological effect of traditional Maca, “Infertile improvement, pregnancy promotion, aphrodisia, and improvement of generative disorder and the adjustment of the female hormone balance, the normalization at the menstruation cycle, and the perimenopausal symptom” etc, are enumerated.

Selenium yeast セレン酵母

Selenium yeast

This is the yeast extracted from natural Candida utilis. This abundantly contains nucleic acid and polyamine, and is essential substance for hyperplasia of cells and metabolism.