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 SKIN-OIL  Silky skincare with Aromatic oil



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What is aromatic oil ‘SKIN-OIL’?


It is effective for dry and rough skin. The skin is kept healthy, smooth and moisturized.

Ingredients such as jojoba and orange make the skin healthy and smooth. Its fragrance has relaxation effects. The essential oil penetrates skin cells. We recommend massaging the oil gently in to skin.


Still effective for oily skin, it can keep skin clean.

Squalene and wild rose adjust the secretion of sebum, and the sterilization effect takes cares of pores.


Skin is strained and sunburn is prevented.

Ingredients such as wheat embryo bud and carrot help oil to not get oxidized so it is not necessary to worry about bad sunburn by UV with the oil. Using HERBA’s Skin-Oil will give you youthful skin without any slack.


Prevents heat rash and chapped skin.

It is the aroma oil that improves skin!

Active ingredients such as stearyl glycyrrhetinate (licorice extract) and rosemary help skin to become fine. It is safe for infants and delicate skin. Please use on your whole body.




Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Skin-Oil


 I use Skin-Oil when I massage myself to treat my mastitis!

skin-oil_photo_arimuraI’ve been using Skin-Bio and Skin-Oil on my baby since she was born. The nappy rash on her bottom was cured thanks to Skin-Bio. I use Skin-Oil in her bath because it helps her relax – I just put a few drops in the bath tub. I also managed to cure my mastitis by massaging myself with Skin-Oil, and the hemorrhoids I had after I gave birth were also cured thanks to Skin-Oil and Skin-Bio. I have some scars from the Caesarean section but I hope Herba’s products will get rid of these too.



In addition, I used to have a throat problem because of my poor circulation but I was able to cure it by using a steaming towel and massaging myself with Skin-Oil. I have had great confidence in Herba products since then. A Skin-Oil massage really works to keep out the cold, so I recommend it highly for the winter months.



Noriko,Yukako Arimura  (3 months), living in Miyazaki


Skin-Oil really helps my allergic skin!

I had an operation at one point and an allergy appeared on my skin afterwards. It was so bad that I saw many doctors and tried various kinds of treatment but the allergy still remained. Then, when I turned 35, I started using Herba products along with my son, who has suffered from allergies since he was born. My son’s improvement reaction was quite intense, but he recovered faster from the allergy, probably because of his age. In my case, it took a while till my allergies were healed, maybe because of the medicines I was taking at the same time. In the process, my skin bled so I always had to carry Skin-Bio and Skin-Oil with me. I’d even go back home for it if I forgot to take it with me! Skin-Bio is great for dry skin and itching, and as soon as you put it on it makes you wonder how it could be a product designed for treating allergies. In winter, Skin-Oil does a great job of stopping my skin from getting dry.


My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful when choosing bathing products, but Herba shampoo, conditioner and body shampoo don’t bother my skin at all. While drugs cure symptoms, we always end up paying in some way for taking them. I hope more people choose nutrition-based methods for their skin problems instead of drugs from now on.



Mariko Iioka(50s), living in Niigata


Massaging with Skin-Oil cured my stiff shoulders!

I work in the beauty industry so I have used all kinds of beauty products and I know just how good Herba Skin-Oil is. Poor quality skincare products are very oily but Herba Skin-Oil is not like that at all. And it’s not just useful for your skin – I sometimes give myself a massage with Skin-Oil on my joints and scapula. I cured my stiff shoulders simply through self-massage with Skin-Oil. I think this shows just how far Skin-Oil penetrates into the skin and has a really deep effect. Considering the quality of the ingredients it contains, Skin-Oil is a really good product for a really good price.


Michiyo Yamaguchi (40s), living in Osaka



Features of major ingredients



Wheat embryo bud 小麦胚芽

Wheat embryo bud

It is rich with natural vitamin E (8 kinds of tocopherol isomer) and that prevents the oxidation (aging) of skin by secretion (Liipids).

sage セージ


A kind of Perilla family called Salvia, and 2 % of whose purified oil is Sage. Its effects are antibacterium and anti-inflammation.

aloe アロエ


Aloe oil has immediate effects of antibacterium and heals scars and rash. It prevents blister done by sunburn and skin from being peeled off. It gives suppleness to skin and prevents wrinkles.

field_rose ノバラ

Field rose

Rose oil has such effects as cleaning blood, anti-inflammation and disinfection. It is proven that its fragrance is effective to depression and relaxation.

Carrot カロット


It contains lots of β-carotene. It protects and improves cell membrane of skin and hairs, and also protects and restores damages of cells.

jojoba ホホバ


Jojoba oil increases moistness in skin, scalp and hairs and prevents wrinkles and split ends. Skin and hairs get soft and flexible.

Squalene スクワレン


It is squalene (cod-liver oi) of centroohoridae which is rarer and higher quality than deep sea shark. Its permiabiity to skin is very high, which improves metabolism. It is good for cleaning secretion and antibacterium.

clove チョウジ


It controls the balance of bacteria that always exists on the surface of skin, and its effect to control the production of melanin prevents pigments from being settled.

rosemary ローズマリー


It restores damged cells and a rash is healed. Its fragrance has excellent healing effect to nerves. It is proven that perceptivity, the motor nerves, hysteria, migraine and various nervous systems are positively influenced.

vitamin E 天然ビタミンE 

Natural vitamin E
It improves blood circulation by expanding peripheral nerves. Its antioxidant effect prevents the overproduction of oxidazed lipid.

orange オレンジ


It is high quality of neroli oil extracted from flowers of orange. It protects skin from dryness and makes it smooth. Its fragrance is good for heart, tonic, relaxation and dpression.

chamomilla カモミラ


Only 0.4 % of purified oil exracted from Chamomilla contains nonyl acid, capric acid and glycoside. Its effects are anti-inflammation and conditioning for skin and hairs.


Gritilretin acid stearil

It is contained in licorice, and prevents the overproduction of melanin, the absorption of UV and oxidant of lipid, and has antibacterial effect.
Other effects are high anti-inflammation, anti-allergy and preventing growth of bacteria.