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What is Multi beauty Essence ‘Skin-Bio’?


Very effective for dry skin and rough skin. The skin is kept moisturized.

The elements of skin cells such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, nutrients and herbs work together to make your skin rich. The essential extracts infiltrate your skin. We recommend applying repeatedly until your skin gains its natural softness and suppleness.


Still effective for oily skin, it can is keep your skin clean.

The synergistic effects of elements such as dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (licorice extract), mugwort, and mallow make the skin beautiful and keep it beautiful. Skin-Bio is good for oily mature skin and can be used before makeup.


Skin is reshaped and suntan can be prevented.

External factors such as ultra violet rays are damaging to delicate skin. Even on delicate skin wrinkles, spots and slackness can be prevented by ingredients such as Sanguisorba officinalis, Hypericum erectum, and Perilla.


Multi Beauty Essence for skin can prevent heat rash and chapped skin.

Ingredients such as chamomilla and chamomile help your skin to be healthy. Skin-Bio is safe for infants and very delicate skin. It can be used on your whole body.






「Women with beautiful skin」


Women with beautiful skin

Skin expresses our health well so skin will naturally look fresh as long as our body is healthy. Beautiful skin represents what’s inside.



The structure of our skin

The thickness of skin covering the surface of our whole body is about 1.3~1.5mm. It consists of three layers – from the outside, epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.



This is the outer layer and protects our body from external stimulus such as dryness, impact, ultraviolet rays, bacteria and viruses. This layer directly metabolizes and is actually divided into four layers.


Dermis protects the skin’s hardness, tension and elasticity and also provides nutrients and supports the skin from the inside. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are stored in this layer.

■Subcutaneous tissue

This is the innermost layer of skin and consists of fat tissues. This layer protects nerves, blood vessels and sweat glands from heat and impact.


The skin’s metabolism

Our skin keeps its health by metabolizing, and epidermis is reproduced every 28 days. Skin is kept healthy by producing new cells to replace the old ones. Factors such as aging and lifestyle, however, may disturb the skin’s cycle and can cause wrinkles, spots, dullness or rough skin.

We live in modern times

The environment we live in these days is very different from the past, it’s become more convenient, but also brings stresses to our skin such as less ventilated houses, air conditioning and heating, leading a more nocturnal lifestyle, using computers more, taking less exercise, modern eating habits, and strong ultraviolet rays due to destruction of the ozone layer. These stresses stimulate our autonomic nerves and that has a negative effect on our metabolism as well as the condition of our skin.

To have beautiful skin
■Good eating habits are good for skin

Consuming a good balance of essential nutrients improves the skin’s metabolism, which also improves immunity and protects our body from stress.

■A good lifestyle is important

Good quality sleep, exercise and no stress.

■A good skincare routine

To cleansing, moisturizing, replenishing and protecting skin are all necessary as part of a good skincare routine.




Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Skin-Bio


Skin-Bio keeps my skin looking beautiful!

skinbio_photo_otaI’ve been using Herba’s Skin-Bio and Skin-Oil skincare products since they first came onto the market. They are my essential, basic skin care products. Skin-Bio can also be used as eye drops. I put some in my eyes every morning after I wash my face. A mixture of Skin-Bio and Skin-Oil is good for giving yourself a massage before you put on makeup. This mixture is also useful when it’s dry outside.



I think I’m still able to read newspapers without wearing reading glasses because I use Skin-Bio as eye drops every day. Plus I drip a few drops of Skin-Bio into my throat before going to bed whenever my throat feels strange, as this is usually a sign that I am catching cold. The pain in my throat is always gone by the following morning and in the end I don’t catch a cold. My grandchildren also take care of themselves this way – Herba’s skin care products are very good at keeping our family in good health.


Akiko Ota (60s), living in Osaka



Features of major ingredients



Collagen Elastin コラーゲン エラスチン 


70 % of skin consists of collagen and elastin. It is good for resilience of skin.


Hyaluronic acid ヒアルロン酸 

Hyaluronic acid

1 g of it has 6 litters of water holding capacity. It is gentle to skin and forms film on the surface. It has moisturizing effect.

mucopolysaccharide ムコ多糖体


It builds skin cells with  amino acid peptide and strengthens nerves, skin and blood vessels.

Potentilla erecta トルメンチラ 

Potentilla erecta

Anti-inflammation effect and controling active oxygen prevent the aging of skin, spots and wrinkles. In addition, it eases sunburn and burns, improves restoration power, heals pimples and is good for skin as protection and whitening effect.

mugwort ヨモギ 


It contains lots of enzyme, polysaccharide and carotene, and is effective for protecting and improving skin.

Licorice 甘草 


Its effects are antiallergy, anti-inflammation and detoxification.

Tilia japonica シナノキ 

Tilia japonica

Containing refined oil and tannin, it is efective to bacteria, burns and scars.

St. John's wort オトギリソウ 

St. John’s wort

It protects skin from damages and trobles with its effects of anti-inflammation, controling the secretion of sebum and straining skin. It protects blood vessels and has hemostasis effect.

rome camomile ローマカミツレ

Rome Camomille

It reduces inflammation and is said to be effective for allergies.

Perilla シソ葉


It contains lots of α-linolenic acid and is effective as protection of mucous membrane and anti-inflammation.

Korean ginseng 高麗人参

Korean ginseng

Its metabolizing effect controls the workings of cells and the secretion of hormones.

chamomilla カモミラ


It is effective to pimple, burn, scar, dermatitis, psoriasis, ulcer and allergy.

great_burnet ワレモコウ

Great Burnet

Tannin and saponin contribute to whitening effect. It prevents overproduction of melanin, and other effects are anti-inflammation and antibacterium.

cornflower ヤグルマギク


It protects mucous membrane and has anti-inflammation effect.

Calendula officinalis トウキンセンカ

Calendula officinalis

Containing refined oil, it protects skin and its fragrance has aromatherpy effect.

Malva sylvestris ゼニアオイ

Malva sylvestris

It has anti-inflammation effect and decreases the effect of poisonous substances. It helps to excrete them.

Nucleic acid (DNA)

It is nucleus of skin cells and influences formation of skin cells.

Kinds of amino acid

22 kinds of amino acid and super active amino acid are contained.

Kinds of vitamin & mineral &enzymes

18 kinds of vitamin,20 kinds of mineral,55 kinds of enzymes.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate

It is contained in Licorice and its effects are anti-inflammation, reducing inflammation, calming, anti-allergy.

In addition, it prevents overproduction of melanin, absorption of UV, oxidation of lipid, and does antibacterium and detoxification.