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What is G・VIGOR ‘Excellent Anti-aging for men’?

Based on the concept of vitality and anti-aging for men, each capsule contains plenty of carefully selected high quality functional ingredients and nutrients.



What is male menopause?

Depending on the individual, symptoms such as a decrease of vitality and stamina, slack skin, symptoms of adult disease or aging can be seen around the age of 30. The reasons are said to be stress, aging, the decrease of male hormones, or loss of balance of hormones.



Does a decrease in male hormones have anything to do with diseases?

Yes, it does. A decrease in the production of sex hormone accelerates both mental and physical aging, which in turn worsens the workings of the body and can cause some diseases.
It can cause adult diseases such as hyperlipemia, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, cancer and prostate disease.



What are the benefits of G・VIGOR?

Carefully selected high quality functional ingredients such as ‘egg white peptide, torula yeast, brewer’s yeast, zinc, maca extract and nutrients such as vitamins work together to improve nerves and sex hormones affected by stress or aging, and help rejuvenate a man’s mind and body.





「Male Menopause」


Some men face menopause at middle age

It has been acknowledged for a while that not only women, but men can also experience menopause. Menopause for women is usually around the time when they stop menstruating, but men can start menopause between 40 and 50 until around the retirement age of 60. They can find themselves losing both physical and mental balance and stamina. The age at which men experience menopause depends on the individual, with some men first experiencing it in their seventies or eighties.


Male hormones and stress are closely related

One major reason for menopause in men is stress. Many men have increased work and family responsibilities which can cause more stress. Male hormones are usually secreted when the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant like when we are having fun or relaxing. On the other hand, the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant when we have prolonged periods of stress, and the secretion of male hormones significantly decreases. The cause of decreasing male hormones is not only due to aging but also due to lifestyle stress and it is called ‘LOH syndrome’.


Symptoms of a decrease in male hormones

■ Psychological symptoms

Irritation, nervousness, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, feeling worn out and hopeless, poor memory and lack of concentration.

■ Physical symptoms

Exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, loss of muscle strength, excessive perspiration, disrupted sleep, lack of motivation, and reduced beard growth.

■ Sexual function disorder

Lack of libido and sexual impotence.




Symptoms to look out for

One of the symptoms of male menopause is waking in the middle of the night needing to urinate. As male hormones decrease, so do antidiuretic hormones. Menopause causes the urine to be thinner than usual, and the sufferer needs to urinate more often. It is important to deal with these symptoms and not to put them down to simply getting older.

Male hormone is a social hormone

Male hormones such as testosterone are usually produced in the testes and are important substances for a man’s ‘manliness’. Male hormones also help increase muscle, improve mental activities, improve cognitive function, and increase vitality. The male hormone is often referred to as a ‘social hormone’ because it is said to increase a man’s appeal and sociality. When the male hormone decreases it can become harder to socialize and mix with other people, but staying isolated causes further a decrease of male hormones. Therefore it is important not to try to deal with things by oneself, but to accept help from friends and family. In addition, the decrease of male hormones causes a decrease in immunity and an increase of visceral fat, which increases the risk of lifestyle related disease such as high blood pressure, hyperglycemia or hyperlipidemia.




It is possible to prevent male menopause

The amount of male hormone a man has varies widely, but it is said that with effort one can increase the levels. Eating a good balanced diet including nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals is very helpful because they are essential for autonomic nerves, which control the testes and the secretion of hormones. Other substances necessary for increasing male hormones are ‘egg white peptide’, ‘torula yeast, ‘brewer’s yeast’, zinc, and ‘maca extract”. Intake of these substances in good balance helps prevent stress and aging, and men can maintain their ‘manliness’ and keep themselves physically and mentally young.


Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about G-VIGOR


I can think more clearly and my blood pressure has decreased!

gvigor_photo_hoshinoThe feeling of exhaustion after work decreased when I started taking G-Vigor. The quality of my sleep improved and I stopped waking up during the night all the time to use the toilet. In the morning I wake up feeling fresh and with a clear mind, and I feel my mind works better than before now. My blood pressure has improved from 140/72 to 110/72. And some of my white hairs have turned black too, so I’m happy about that.


Mitsutoshi Hoshino (50s)   living in Aichi


My previously irregular blood pressure is now stable!

gvigor_photo_oI had been suffering from insomnia since last year. However it was completely cured by G-Vigor and now I wake up in the morning with a very clear mind. My blood pressure used to fluctuate between 120 and 150 but now it stays around 120. There was something I was interested in doing but I couldn’t quite get started because I couldn’t motivate myself. But after about two weeks of taking G-Vigor I felt motivated and finally got going. Recently I’ve even come to enjoy walking again, and I feel like I’m regaining my youth on the physical level too.


banhyu o (80s),  living in Hyogo


No more drugs for high blood pressure!

gvigor_photo_tanahashiMy blood pressure used to be around 170/100 so I was talking to my doctor about drugs to treat the high blood pressure. Then I started taking G-Vigor and my blood pressure decreased to 130/80 so I didn’t need to take any drugs. In addition, although I used to need to go to the toilet a lot I don’t feel the need any more, and I produce more urine each time I go to the toilet. Recently I’ve been sleeping well, which means I have the energy to work out in the fields.
What’s more, my skin has gained gloss and tension, and my hair, which used to be mostly white, is now turning black. My hair has also become thicker. I am really happy about all these changes.


Haruo Tanahashi (70s), living in Gifu


I can think more clearly and I’m motivated to work again!

gvigor_photo_fujikawaThe improvement in my sleep was the first thing I recognized after I started taking G-Vigor. I used to wake up a few times during the night but with G- Vigor I sleep right through until the next morning. I can work actively throughout the day because good sleep keeps me in good condition.
My motivation for my work had been low after the age of around 35 but it has come back since I started taking G-Vigor. I have become more patient and have more desire to work.
And my skin has improved too. I used to worry about my hands in winter because they always get chapped.


Last winter my hands didn’t get chapped but rather stayed smooth. I was surprised to see how much of an effect G-Vigor had on my body, and now it’s an essential part of my life.


Masahide Fujikawa (30s), living in Aichi


Higher metabolism, natural body shaping, and no more diabetes!

I started eating Herba and G-Vigor a lot after I recovered from a lifestyle disease. I had a high glucose level because of my diabetes, however it went down to 110mg/dl from 300mg/dl. I was able to stop taking many of my prescribed medicines. In a medical examination in January, my hemoglobin level was 6.2 % and by March it had decreased to 5.9%. I also naturally lost some weight. I was keeping myself in good health with a lower weight by eating Herba but G-Vigor seemed to stimulate this process by boosting my metabolism.


In addition, I have become able to sleep very well without waking up even once during the night, and now I feel my body has become lighter and more active than before. I don’t have a stiff shoulder anymore now. Some of my body functions such as my eyesight improved as the stiffness running from my neck to shoulder got better. My wife is grateful to Herba because these days I help her with the domestic chores. I feel great all over my body thanks to Herba and G-Vigor.


Ikuzo Kobayashi (60s), living in Hyogo


A massive mental and physical improvement!

gvigor_photo_funaharaThe most impressive change that has happened to my body since I started taking G-Vigor is the improvement in my poor blood circulation. I used to suffer from poor blood circulation in winter. I used to feel very cold from my knees down, and rashes and itches appeared when I took a bath. However, it took about only two weeks of taking G-Vigor before I felt blood was circulating to my fingertips and toes, keeping them nice and warm.
In addition, my face gained color and my wrinkles started to disappear as my skin gained tension. I also realized that the quality of my sleep had improved because I get back stamina even with just three or four hours of sleep.


I don’t feel tired at all in the morning. I have been busy but I I can handle it without any problems thanks to G-Vigor. G-Vigor also has a positive effect on my mental state. I have a more positive attitude to my work and hobbies. I have become more mentally capable and don’t feel much stress.It is good that I don’t get irritated any more. I often take more X-1 and some other Herba products when I get very busy, but G-Vigor is going to be on my list from now on as it really helps me a lot.


Koji Funahara (50s), living in Fukuoka



Features of major ingredients



The white of en egg peptide 卵白

The white of en egg peptide

The white(of an egg)-decomposing enzyme turns egg peptide into amino acid peptide, which is digested and absorbed fast. Some of good effects that have been proven are  motor nerve, tiredness in muscles, stamina, blood fluid in skin and anti-aging.

Torula yeast  トルラ酵母

Torula yeast

This is natural ingredient and contains Nucleamine (Nucleic acid and Polyamine) very much. Various effects such as the increase of cells, prevention of arteriosclerosis, improvement of immune system and learning skills and anti-aging have been proven.

Brewers yeast zinc ビール酵母

Brewers yeast zinc

It is effective as enhancement of growth, improvement of the sexual gonad, and prevention and improvement of the sense of taste.

Maca extract マカ

Maca extract

It is root crop native of the highland of Andes in South America Peru. It can grow such severe environment as strong sun light and ultraviolet rays in daytime and the freezing point at night. Original elements of Maca are glucosinolate, alkaloid, triterpene, phenol compound, flavonoid, tannin and saponin.
As physiological effects, improvement of the secretion of male hormones, the controlling their balance, recovery of muscle tiredness have been proven.