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ETIQUE-VIVIT   Fresh breath & Clean body



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What is ETIQUE-VIVIT for a fresh smelling mouth and body?

ETIQUE-VIVIT is designed to neutralize all the smells our body produces and leave us smelling fresh. Each tablet contains a good balance of champignon extract, Lactobacillus sporogenes, and fructo-oligosaccharide.


What causes smell?

Bad breath is caused by bits of food and bacteria in the mouth, and decomposition gas produced by foods that are left in the intestines. The gas is absorbed into the blood in the intestines and is sent to the lungs and as a result it comes out as bad breath.
Body odor is caused by bad bacteria in the intestines producing decomposition gas. The gas is absorbed into the blood in the intestines and comes out from the pores of our whole body as bad body smell.
Bad smelling stools and gas is caused by food waste mixed with bad bacteria.


What is the benefit of having clean intestines?

If the intestinal environment is in good order, the bowel works well and is healthy and clean inside. As a result it has a huge influence on the whole body as below;
Good bacteria are increased→the bowel becomes active→the absorption and metabolism of nutrition increase→the immune system is improved→beautiful skin→anti-aging.


How is ETIQUE-VIVIT good?

ETIQUE-VIVIT contains the right amount of necessary high quality ingredients in the correct balance to improve the intestinal environment. They work together to clean the bowel and encourage fresh, regular bowel movements.
In addition, by creating more good bacteria in the mouth the bad bacteria in the mouth and intestines bad smells are no more.




「It’s good manners to care about our odor!」



Do you care about your odor?

Everybody has their own smell but we hardly notice it because we are used to it. Still, it is good manners to take care of our breath, body odor and other smells from our body.


What are the causes of bad smells?

Cause ① Unhealthy intestines and the increase of bad bacteria

What’s stored in the stomach increases bad bacteria and the gas produced by its fermentation is absorbed into the blood. When blood reaches our lungs it results in bad breath In addition, food sediment left in our mouth can also cause bad breath.


Body odor, what’s in the stomach produces gas by fermentation and the gas is absorbed into the blood. As the result, the smell comes out of pores in our whole body as body odor.

Head, Bacteria are propagated in the sebum accumulated in our scalp and hairs, and produce a smell.

Under arms, Bacteria on the surface of our skin are propagated in sweat and the sebum secreted from the apocrine gland, and produce a smell.


Cause ② Life style

Factors such as poor sleep, stress, tiredness, smoking, drinking and a bad diet disturb the balance of the autonomic nerves. This can cause poor stomach function, unbalance with intestinal bacteria and a decrease in the immune system, and produces bad smells.

Women have body odor too

The cause of body odor is a substance called nonenal. Fatty acid secreted from the sebaceous gland deep inside the pores is oxidized, or bacteria on the surface of our skin are fermented, and nonenal is produced. Fatty acid provides our skin with moisture but secreting too much fatty acid can cause bad smells after oxidation and decomposition.
It is said that women have less body odor than men because female hormones prevent oxidation, but they may have strong body odor due to a hormone imbalance or menopause.
In addition, a hormone imbalance or an imbalance in the autonomic nerves caused by factors such as aging disturbs the function in the stomach as well as the balance of intestinal bacteria. As a result, the intestine becomes more unhealthy.



Taking care to smell good
If you keep your intestines healthy,

① Good bacteria increase.

② The stomach becomes active.

③ Nutrition absorption is improved.

④ Metabolism and immunity are improved.

⑤ Aging is prevented and weight maintained.


Having a good smell has good effects on the body such as calming the mind, making the autonomic nerves and the immune system active, and maintaining a good body rhythm. By taking care of our intestine we will also take care of our smell and the health of our body.



Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Etique-Vivit

Etique-Vivit keeps me smelling great!

etique_photo_nakamuraI always make sure to take Etique-Vivit when I eat something that makes my breath smell, like garlic or grilled beef. I often have to talk with my customers in close proximity so I take Etique-Vivit even after I drink coffee. I like it because it refreshes me.
People tend not to notice things like their own bad breath, but with Etique-Vivit you don’t have to worry. You can talk to people with confidence, and without worrying about bad breath.


Hidemi Nakamura(40s)  living in Osaka


The smell of my breath and bowel movements improved, and so did my constipation!

etique_photo_ueyamaBoth my daughter and I noticed my mother’s bad breath while we were all driving together in the car. I gave my mum some Etique-Vivit to try, and it got rid of her bad breath, which is quite common in old ladies of her age. My daughter noticed the change straight away. My mother stopped taking Etique-Vivit at one point and her daughter-in-law immediately said something to her about it, so she started taking it again. In addition, I’ve been taking Etique-Vivit to improve the constipation I’ve had for years, and it also helps with the smell of my bowel movements and flatulence. I take five tablets in the morning and at night – I’m never without it! My whole family use Etique-Vivit and are very happy with it!

Takako Ueyama (60s)  living in Fukui


Six months of Etique-Vivit and my body odor has gone!

etique_photo_kodaMy grandson was three years old when he said to me, “You smell”. I was shocked, and after consulting with a neighbor I started taking Etique-Vivit. I was taking five tablets twice every day. Six months later, my grandson said “Granddad, you don’t smell anymore!” That made me really happy, and I’ve been taking Etique-Vivit since then. I also do social dancing, and I take Etique-Vivit before I go to practice. It refreshes my mouth and I don’t have to worry about my breath.


Shigekazu Koda (70s)  living in Niigata



Features of major ingredients


Coffee bean コーヒー生豆

Coffee bean

There is anti-oxidant effects. In addition, Chlorogen (A kind of polyphenol) contained in coffee bean catches malodorous substances and deodorizes. There is also an effect to obstruct the accumulation of sugar and fat.

Bacillus coagulans 有胞子性乳酸菌 

Bacillus coagulans

Being strong in heat, acid, and enzyme, bacillus coagulans is good bacteria and reach the intestines alive.  It is increased as good bacteria by consuming fructo-oligosaccharide. It cuts bad smell and has such effects as preventing diarrhea and atopic dermatitis and Ulcerative colitis.

Champignon シャンピニオン 


It is mushroom. The workings of good bacteria in the intestines are encouraged by controlling the intestinal environment. As a result, the production of malodorous subststances is abandoned, and smell of mouth, body, and feces is improved.

Fructo-oligosaccharide フラクトオリゴ糖 


It is oligosaccharide, with which fructose and sucrose are combined. It is contained in fresh vegetables and honey. It reaches the intestines without being digested, and increases bifidobacterium, good bacterium in the large intestine, and controls the intestinal environment. Diarrhea and constipation are prevented. The digestion and absorption of protein are helped. It controls decomposed substances in stomach.

Burdock powder ごぼう 

Burdock powder

There is an anti-oxidant effect. In addition, Chlorogen (A kind of polyphenol) contained in burdock catches malodorous substances and deodorizes.  It is rich with dietary fiber and controls the intestinal environment.

Dextrin デキストリン 


Excess absorption of sugar and fat is prevented. Decreasing the production of harmful substances improves the intestinal environment.