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  BRABIO  Smart brain with having good memory


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what is brabio


What is ‘BRABIO’ for a wise brain?

BRABIO is designed to support children’s brains and minds. It contains a good balance of phosphatidylserine which is very important for the workings of cells of cranial nerves and DHA which makes the transmission of information smooth.


Why are some people good at memorizing and calculation?

Memory and calculation are carried out in exchanges of neurotransmitters (signals) between the brain neurons. A person’s memory and calculation can’t be improved by study alone.
To improve memory and calculation it is important to feed the nervous cells with nutrients and to make the excretion of waste from the body smooth. It is also important to improve metabolism in order to produce neurotransmitters and to encourage the brain to take in energy.


Is nutrition related to mental stability?


The workings of nerve cells and the production of neurotransmitters are closely related to concentration and mental stability, and their production and workings are motivated by nutrition.


What are the benefits of BRABIO?

Phosphatidylserine and DHA, which help the nerve cells work smoothly, are only found in food in very small amounts.

HERBA’s BRABIO contains a good balance of the nutrients and functional ingredients such as phosphatidylserine and DHA that significantly influence growth, activity, and stability of the brain.

The ingredients of BRABIO are designed to work together to improve ‘the basic abilities of brain’ such as concentration, memory, judgment, desire, sensitivity, and initiative.



「Smart and healthy mind」


What is the true meaning of smart?

People think if you are good at studying you’re smart. However, it’s not just getting good grades at school, having a good memory, good concentration and being good at math. There are many other qualities such as sensitivity, positiveness, originality, thoughtfulness, good sense of judgment, fitness and carefulness that make a person smart.

So what really makes someone smart?


The functioning of our brain

There are already 14 billion neurons in a human brain when we are born. Our brain changes as we go from being a child to an adult but the total number of the neurons don’t change much. The dendrites growing from neurons in the cerebrum grow, expand and spread as they are building new connections with each other. These connections are called synapses, and they play the role of a network to pass on information. It is said that the complicatedly connected network is the key to determine the function of brain so expanding the neurons by increasing synapses improves the function of our brain.

Development of our brain

It is said that the number of synapses dramatically increases around the age of one. It is very effective to give the brain plenty of stimulation around this time in order to have healthy and smart development. However, it is still possible to train our brain after the age of one. After the age of 20 our brain loses about a hundred thousand neurons a day but as long as we keep the networks working well we can stay wise and smart. It is still possible for those at the age of 40 or 50 to become smarter by stimulating their brains and consuming a good balanced diet.


Our brains are easily disturbed by environmental risks

Our brain continues the division and increase of its cells until the age of about twenty and its development is much more complicated than that of the other organs in our body, so its development is influenced by many factors. The number of children with behavioral problems and disorders such as withdrawal from society, violence or hyperactivity has been increasing, and the cause is often unknown. It is said that both environmental hormones such as neurotoxins found in agricultural chemicals and pesticide and stress significantly influence the function and development of our brain.


Sleep is vital for the development of our brain

80% of our brain is occupied by cerebrum. Sleeping is very important for the cerebrum to build, grow, stay protected and restored and work efficiently. Our brain controls our body and when we need to take a rest, it sends a signal of sleep to our brain. Our pituitary gland secretes a large volume of growth hormone during deep non-REM sleep so that our body tissues are restored and our growth is enhanced.
In terms of memory, things that happened while we were awake are stored in our brain more clearly by sleeping. Whether adults or children, sleep is a vital activity for the brain at any age. The cerebrum is particularly vulnerable to a lack of sleep, and not enough sleep can lead to mental instability, increased aggression or impulsivity.




To have true wisdom and a healthy mind

We should consume a good balance of essential nutrients and functional substances in order to stimulate the brain and make it more active.

The network of synapses needs to work smoothly by sending enough oxygen and nutrition to our brain.

A good life style

To make our brain more active we should have enough sleep, make our brain work, take some physical exercise, and reduce stress.


Good development of our brain leads to a wise and healthy mind!


Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Brabio


  I can study hard for my exams without feeling sleepy!

brabio_photo_okunakaI started taking Brabio when it was first released on the market. I take it a lot, along with X-1, when I am preparing for school exams. I hardly sleep for two weeks before the exams start so Brabio is a must at that time.

I usually take two pills of Brabio a day and four pills when I have a lot of studying to do. I have become better at taking care of my own health, and I feel much less sleepy if I take Brabio when I need to concentrate for a long time.


I play percussion in a music group and Brabio is essential when I need to write a musical score for the other group members so as they know what to play. I am now a high school student and lately I’ve been taking Brabio whenever I want, and I feel that it really helps me to work better.


Natsuki Okunaka (17 years old)  living in Fukuoka


My brain is always active thanks to Brabio!

Even though I’m 93 years old, I’m still physically and mentally active, which surprises a lot of the people around me. I’m in good health, but not because of medicine or anything like that. It’s all thanks to Brabio. I’ve been taking it since it was first released.
When I first read about its ingredients, I thought Brabio had been invented for me, moreover, for me at the age I am now. I feel I can move my body more easily, and I’m better at memorizing and expressing myself, so I think my overall health has also improved. Still, I am 93, so I go to see my doctor every few months.
My family always tells me to do whatever I can to avoid cancer and dementia so I am busy every day with Kado, Shigin, physical exercise and handicrafts class. I don’t worry about my body and mind as long as I am taking enough Herba nutrition.


Sachiko Fukuda (90s)  living in Kumamoto




Features of major ingredients



Phosphatidyl serine ホスファチジルセリン

Phosphatidyl serine

It is a kind of  phospholipids included a lot in the brain and is the doorway for transmitting information to brain cells, absorbing nutrition, and excreting waste. It has been proven that this ingredient is effective for improving memory, making brain active, and also preventing and improving dementia  by the research. It is a anti-stress nourishment that tends to be insufficient in  usual meal, and improves the function of a brain.

DHA contained refined fish oil DHA含有精製魚油

DHA contained refined fish oil

DHA as well as EPA is a kind of vital fatty acid.

It exists a lot in a brain and nervous tissues and makes nervous transmission of brain smooth. Brain’s activities like thinking, culculation, and memorizing get active. If DHA is in shortage, the number of serotonin, nervous transmitting substance, gets deteriorated, which causes mental disorder. After all, it is known that DHA is largely related to mental stability.

Perilla oil しそ油

Perilla oil

Vitamins and minerals are abundantly contained. Especially vitmain F (Unsaturated fatty acid such as α-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, and oleic acid) is in good balance. Being metabolized into DHA or EPA in a body by the synergistic effect with vitmain E, brain becomes active and mind is kept stable.

Vitmain E ビタミンE

Vitmain E

It is natural vitamin E made from eight kinds of isomer tocopherol. It prevents lipids inside a body from aging and encourages cells’ segmentation. The synergistic effects with vitmain F make the workings of cranial nerve active.