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 ALCO-BIO  Excellent Healthy liver



a_contact500 mg × 132 tablets

Aluminum package (with bottle)

what is alco-bio


What is Alco-Bio super healthy liver?

ALCO-BIO is designed to support those who drink alcohol but also those who worry about their liver or the function of liver. Each tablet contains the right balance of high quality functional ingredients and nutrients.


What does our liver do?

In our daily lives we experience lots of different stress factors and when the liver is tired it can result in feeling sluggish, tired, becoming obese, developing spots on the skin and can be the start of more serious illness.


What are the ingredients that support hepatic function and enzymes?

ALCO-BIO contains L-ornithine, which improves hepatic function and has high detoxification effects. It also contains brewer’s yeast, which helps the synthesis of nutrients, torula yeast, which improves hepatic function and is very effective for detoxification and beauty, and turmeric, which contains the hepatic disorder-easing curcumin.


What are the health benefits of ALCO-BIO?

Functional ingredients support the hepatic function and the workings of the enzymes. In addition there are other nutrients such as inositol that metabolize fat and prevent fat from accumulating in the liver, and oyster meat and natural taurine that contain abundant amino acid. Their synergistic effects prevent and improve diseases.




「Is your liver healthy?」


Do you recognize these symptoms?

 □ Bloated stomach.

 □ Poor appetite and nausea.

 □ Feeling tired.

 □ Difficult to get up in the morning.

 □ Sudden intolerance to alcohol.


These may be warning signs from your liver

Liver is also called the ‘silent organ’ because it rarely shows signs of having problems and it is difficult to check in detail even in a medical examination. The liver is good at self-recovery so it fixes itself soon after taking alcohol, additives and drugs, but there are limits on how much it can fix.

The liver plays an important role in our lives

The liver resolves, synthesizes and stores the nutrients digested in the stomach, and provides them to our body in a useful form. One of its functions is to convert bad cholesterol in the blood into good cholesterol. In addition, the liver has more important roles such as breaking down harmful substances like additives and drugs and converting them into harmless substances, producing bile and synthesizing hormones. The liver has many roles in our body and is working very hard every day.


Things that put an additional burden on our liver

Drugs, alcohol, margarine (antioxidant), cup noodles, sausages (artificial colors), ham (additives), soy sauce (preservative), tofu (bactericide), and fish cake (preservative). Each of the above puts only a little burden on our liver but can cause significant damage if we consume them every day.


One important role for our liver is to produce bile

One important role for our liver is to secrete bile. Most of the bile produced by our liver is stored in the gallbladder. There are hormones that are secreted from the duodenum as food has contact with it. The gallbladder then secretes bile with the stimulus of the hormones. Then the pancreas produces pancreatic juice and the juice is combined with the bile, and finally they are sent to the duodenum. Bile acid contained in bile emulsifies fat, which improves digestive enzymes such as lipase. Therefore, it can be said that bile is very helpful for digestion and absorption.

What is a gallstone?

A gallstone is formed of hardened bile. Factors such as modern eating habits, fatty food, high cholesterol food, obesity and stress disturb the balance in the components of bile. As a result, cholesterol is crystallized into gallstone in our body. Other factors are overworking, drinking too much alcohol and a low fat diet, which uses less bile. As a result, the bile is left unused in the gallbladder or bile duct and is crystallized into gallstones.


Nothing can substitute the liver

Because the liver is responsible for many roles, it becomes complicated once the liver gets sick. If the liver gets very sick then it can lead to complications, which can be life threatening. If the stomach gets sick the small intestine can take over some of its roles but there is no organ that can take over the liver’s work.


Don’t miss the warning signs from your liver

We live in ‘the age of plenty’ so our liver tends to get overworked.

Good hints

① To have a good balanced diet.

② To eat foods that help ease our liver.




Customer’s Voice


What our customers are saying about Alco-Bio


When I take Herba’s Alco-Bio, I feel great the morning after drinking!

photo_alcobio_shiI’m quite sensitive to alcohol, but if I take Herba’s Alco-Bio I can enjoy a few drinks. Usually I take three tablets of Alco-Bio before drinking, and take another two if I drink more than usual. On one occasion I happened to be at an event where I drank all day long, but I didn’t have a hangover the next day because I took ten Alco-Bio tablets. That time I was really impressed by Alco-Bio.



Two years ago I was diagnosed with swelling in the cartilage of the first joint of my left ring finger, but as long as I was taking Herba nutrition I didn’t feel any pain and was even able to play golf. If I stopped taking it regularly it was sore to even hold a club, which really brought home to me the importance of nutrition. My father and brother also take Alco-Bio when they drink alcohol, and we use Herba’s nutrition to keep us all healthy.

Fumio Shi (30s)  living in Hyogo


My liver function value (γ-GTP) improved!

In a blood test ten years ago it was found that my γ-GTP was high so I had been taking medicine to treat that since then. However in an examination last year my γ-GTP was as high as 300IU/I, though it should be between 0 and 60IU/I. I was prescribed some medicine at the hospital and the γ-GTP temporarily decreased. Still, I was worried about the damage that the medicine might be having on my body so I started taking Herba five times a day. Because I was still worried about the side effects of the medicine I spoke to the Herba staff about my situation. They told me to take more Herba foods, for example two tablets of Alco-Bio at a time instead of one. As the result, the γ-GTP value improved. It was quite impressive to see how well Herba worked for me.


Sachiko Fujiwara (60s)  living in Hyogo




Features of major ingredients



Ornithine オルニチン


It is a kind of free amino acids that is known as improvement of hepatic function, detoxification, and improving the secretion of growth hormone.The synthesis of protein in liver is improved. The working of mitochondria is supported and there is recovery from tiredness. In addition, it helps to improve skin and muscles.

Turmeric ウコン


The turmeric is the root of the perennial of the ginger family and has been valued highly  from old times for dyspepsia, etc, as a herbal medicine. It is recently proven that  there are such effects as an action to control cholesterol in blood, improving detoxification in the liver, promoting the bile secretion , the diuretic action, etc.
A contained ingredient, “Curcumin”, too is being paid attention for antiedema and anti-inflammation and easing hepatic disorder.

Oyster Bovril カキ

Oyster Bovril

Oyster Bovril is called “milk in the sea”, and contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals abundantly. As well as improving hepatic function, it normalizes blood condition, blood pressure, and the secretion of hormones. We have had oyster for body’s  strength and prevention of anemia from long before.

Licorice 甘草


Licorice contains a lot of glycyrrhizins, and restores and strengthens the cell membrane, and there is a such effect as detoxication. The prevention of the hepatic complaint and the function to control liver have been proven.

Brewers dried yeast ビール酵母

Brewers dried yeast

Brewers dried yeast contains best nutrients among yeasts. Especially biotin that is a kind of vitamin B group is contained very much and that improves the sythesis of vitamin C and the metabolism of protein and fat.
As working with vitmain B group it helps to maintain healthy skin and membrane. It is very effective for the prevention of lifestyle related disease, beauty skin, anti-aging, and also controls condition in stomach.

Torula dried yeast カキ

Torula dried yeast

(contained Cysteine peptide)

Contained amino acid,”Cysteine peptide (Glutathione)”, tends to get reduced by stress or exercise. Brewers dried yeast contains the amino acid and other nutrients abundantly.
The features such as detoxification and improvement of hepatic function, and anti-oxidant and blocking tyrosinase activity have beauty effect.

Natural taurine 天然タウリン

Natural taurine (Fish and shellfish)

It is amino acid contained in fish and shellfish. It exists in heart, muscle, spleen, brain, lung, and bone marrow. It improves detoxification of liver and helps to prevent anemia, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and arterioscleroses. It is very effective for heart failure and hepatitis.

Ginkgo leaf イチョウ

Ginkgo leaf

It contains more twenty kinds of flavonoid, and protects and strengthens the capillary. It improves dizziness, buzzing in ears, sensility, and nervous disease by suppressing active oxygen and improving blood circulation.

Inositol イノシトール 


It is a kind of vitamin. It works with choline to produce lecithin and send nutrition to brain. It prevents fat from piling in the liver and helps to metabolize fat and cholesterols.

Vitamin B group ビタミンB群

Vitamin B group

Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 are important for blood condition and the workings of nerves. Each one is called “moral vitamin”, “growth vitamin”, “anti body vitamin”, and they tend to be in shortage.

Vitamin C ビタミンC 

Vitamin C

It is called “immune vitamin” and is effective for prevention of infection of bacteria and virus and anti-allergy, and also improves immune system. In addition, absorption of calcium and iron is improved and the production of collagen that is important for the growth of cells such as blood, bones, and teeth are supported.