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 S-Balance Improve for diabetes



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What is S-Balance ?

The ‘S’ of S-Balance is the s from ‘sugar level’. We have the ability to naturally adjust the balance of glucose. As diet treatments are our origin, S-Balance was invented with the concept of providing functional substances and nutrients of high quality.


What is glucose balance and hyperlipidemia?

When we consume starch and sugar in the food we eat, they are digested, absorbed and converted in to glucose and they are used as energy for our brain. Our glucose level usually increases after we eat but the insulin hormone produced inside our body encourages each organ to use up the glucose, keeping the glucose level in our blood stable. However, if our body is not functioning well and we have a high glucose level in our blood, we may experience hyperglycemia (diabetes), which can lead to further complications.


A well balanced glucose level is important in preventing diabetes.

The body keeps the glucose balance stable after absorbing glucose because the pancreas secretes insulin hormones with nutrition such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In other words, we keep ourselves in good health by the functions of our autonomic nerve system. In addition, it is also very important to eat regularly in order to keep our glucose level well balanced. Relying on oral drugs or insulin injections to keep a good balanced glucose level can actually weaken our ability to naturally control our glucose balance, and can make complications more likely.


How is S-Balance good What health benefits does S-Balance have?

High quality functional ingredients contained in S-Balance such as wheat albumin, yeast extract, brewer’s yeast and maca extract work together to control the glucose balance. For further benefit it is highly recommended to regularly take essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals with S-Balance.






「Diabetes syndrome」


Increasing diabetes is a serious issue in our modern society

With the change in our lifestyle, the number of people with diabetes is increasing worldwide, and now there are fifty times as many sufferers as fifty years ago. Medical costs are also soaring. In Japan alone, it is estimated that twenty million people are diabetic. It is thought that one if four people over 40 are either diabetic, or will be in the near future.


What is diabetes?

Our bodies use glucose in our blood as a source of energy. Our brain can only use glucose as an energy source. Glucose is regulated by insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. The decrease in the secretion of insulin causes a lower level of glucose, leading to hyperglycemia for a long time, which results in diabetes.


Diabetes I type

Not enough insulin is produced because pancreatic islets (βcell) have been damaged by the effects of autoimmune disease.

Diabetes II type

Insulin is produced by the pancreas but in smaller quantities and it becomes less effective.


Our life style has a huge impact

The majority of current diabetes cases are diabetes II type, and are caused by lifestyle factors such as overeating, drinking too much alcohol, not eating a healthy balanced diet, lack of exercise, obesity, aging and stress.

The pancreas does not function as well

The islets of Langerhans (βcell) in the pancreas do not function as well, which causes the insulin produced to be less effective, or leads to a lack of insulin.

Lack of insulin

If we eat and drink too much, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, which leads to a shortage. A shortage of insulin can also be caused by a poor diet.

There can be serious complications

What is so serious about diabetes is that it can advance quickly without the sufferer realizing. One of three major possible complications is kidney damage. The kidney consists of thin blood vessels and can be easily damaged by hyperglycemia. Complications can also occur in the eyes (retina) and peripheral nerves (hands and legs). It can also cause high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and obesity, which could then result in complications in organs all over our body such as a stroke, heart attack and angina pectoris.

It cannot be controlled with medication

Usually, the level of glucose is naturally controlled. Production of insulin increases after meals and decreases as we are feeling hungry.
However, diabetes leaves the body unable to control glucose levels and it becomes necessary to take medicines or inject insulin in order to decrease glucose. Sometimes too much insulin can decrease the glucose level too much and the glucose, which is an important energy source for the tissues of our body, goes in to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can cause fatigue, dizziness, shaky fingers, cold sweats or headaches. More seriously, a person in hypoglycemia can lose consciousness and it can be life threatening.



Diabetes and its complications are preventable

The fundamental way to improve the function of the pancreas and production of insulin is to consume essential nutrients in good balance. Modern eating means we consume too many calories from fat and sugar, and nutrition such as protein, vitamins and minerals in foods is in shortage because pesticides or additives have destroyed them. Therefore, in order to prevent diabetes and its complications, it is necessary to have a good balanced diet as well as a good balance of functional substances such as flour albumin, yeast extract (Nucleamine), brewer’s yeast and maca extract that have been proven to have a good effect on glucose balance.



Features of major ingredients




Wheat albumin

This is a kind of protein extracted from wheat, and  suppresses extream increase of glucose level by saving the digestion of sugar. It has a effct to release the burden of the pancreas.



Yeast extract Nucleamine

This yeast extract contains Nucleamine, Nucleic acid, Polyamine with high density, whcih has such effects as “accelerating  differentiation and increase of cell”, “improving  fat metabolism by increasing intestinal good bacteria” and “preventing arterioscelerosis”.


Brewer’s yeast
(Polysaccharide, B-D-glucan)

 It improves liver function by influencing dissolution of glucose. In addition, The effect of a contained dpolysaccharide (B-D-glucan) helps adjust the balance of serum and immune system.


Maca extract

The ingredients contained in maca such as “glucoinolate”, “alkaloid”, “triterpene”, “phenolic compound”, “flavonoid”, “tannin” and “saponin” are the functional substances whose physiological effects are greatly paid attention in the field of life science.